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How much does it cost to book headshots for my corporate team ?

Our corporate team headshot pricing depends on how many team members are scheduled per headshot session.

View our pricing table below for corporate team headshots.

This does not include gear rental, assistant costs, location costs or optional hair and makeup servies.

Group Headshot Pricing includes 1 final photo:
2 people at $240 each
3 people at $225 each
4 people at $210 each
5 people at $195 each
6 people at $180 each
7 people at $170 each
8 people at $160 each
9 people at $150 each
10 people at $145.00 each
11 people at $135.00 each
12 people at $130.00 each
13 people at $125.00 each
14 people at $120.00 each
15 people at $115.00 each
16 people at $112.00 each
17 people at $109.00 each
18 people at $106.00 each
19 people at $103.00 each
20+ is $100.00 each flat rate


Each person will have a 5-10 minute session that includes one image selection from the proof gallery received by email to each person or Point Of Contact (POC) a couple days after the session.

The proof gallery will have between 4-8 images to select from.

After the one selection is made, the images is then edited and formatted for print and web.

The images are then delivered to each recipient or the POC for quick and easy use!

What extra costs are there?

Other costs include gear rental, a photography assistant on site, hair and make up services, or location permitting costs.

How much does gear rental cost for a group headshot session if needed?

If artificial light is necessary, professional photography gear rental is estimated around $200.00 to 500.00 per day depending on the client’s requests.

What are the location costs for group headshot sessions?

The below pricing details are for location only, NOT the cost for headshot photography.

The studio rental is included in your headshot session fee. View The Natural Light Studio

Outdoor locations sometimes require permits for certain public areas, or the renting of scouted locations would allow for a full studio set up. This pricing would be dependent upon the location and permits. It is not typically recommended to do a full day outdoors as the lighting of the background/environment would be different over a 6-8 hour period. View About Outdoor Headshots

There is no location cost for doing onsite headshots. View About On Location Headshots

What is the best way to coordinate group headshot sessions with the photographer?

Typically headshot sessions are coordinated 2-3 people every 15 minutes, or one person every 10 minutes. We like to schedule in blocks of sessions. For example, we’d book 6-12 people each hour for 3 hours and take a 15 minute break, then repeat.

How many people can be photographed per day for corporate teams?

We booked 3 hour blocks that can photograph between 12-18 people with a 15 minute break between 3 hour blocks.

For example, with two 3 hour blocks in one session, that’s 24-36 individual headshot sessions per day. That’s about 5 minutes per person.

Do you offer hair and makeup services?

We have an excellent makeup and hair artist by the name of Linda that we work with. Extra time is needed when considering hair and makeup. If this service is requested time and pricing can be provided.

Can you provide an example of group pricing?

This does not include the cost of hair and make up.

For example, for an 18 team member headshot sessions at the studio the cost would be:

+ 18 individuals x 106.00
+ $500.00 gear rental and assistant
+ $600 for a full day studio rental for set up, hair and make up and headshot sessions
= $3,008.00 ($2,408 without using the studio)

Can I see some examples of company headshots?

Below you can view one of our clients company headshots, or click the link to view more company headshot examples.

View Company Headshots Gallery and more details about our Company Headshot Pricing

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us! View our Contact page for more.

View Example of Company Team Headshots

For companies like GridStor that are growing fast and hiring staff, consistent looking company headshots is key to a website presentation and the professionalism of your business.

We used the Natural Light Studio with window light as the main source of light. This set up provides consistent headshots for employees which allows for future sessions of new hires to blend seamlessly.

The result are well balance headshot photos the illuminate each person that projects confidence, professionalism and friendliness.

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Two Types of Lighting for Headshots

Two types of headshot lighting

for individual and corporate groups! 

What is a natural light headshot? 

Natural lighting or also knows as available light techniques are the main type of lighting we specialize in. 

The manipulation of sunlight through either clouds, or curtains or how it enters a studio filled with windows creates a unique effect strobe photograph cannot make.

What is a strobe flash headshot?

Strobe flash photography is a classic technique that has been used in studios for decades using artificial light. It is very directional which limits the area in which the subject can move around. However, this setup can be great for single image headshot packages or team headshots.

Natural Light Headshot

Headshots in Studio

The Natural Light Headshot example was made in our Natural Light Studio in Northwest Portland, Oregon and provides a consistent soft and even look for client’s hiring new employees or updating their personal brand headshot.

Strobe Flash Headshot

Cadeo Group Company Headshots

The Strobe Flash Headshot was made with strobe lights with modifiers and was made on-location in Los Angeles, California and also allows the client to use the same set up for the next set of new hires. 

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Take a Tour of the Natural Light Studio at Studio Northwest

Ever wondered what it was like to get to our headshot sessions?

Let’s take a tour of the natural light studio we use for our clients located just north of downtown Portland Oregon.

You’ll see:

  • the outside of The New York Building
  • how to get to the natural light studio
  • and inside the studio!

The light and bright natural light studio located in NW Portland.

Let’s take a tour of the outside of The New York Building, getting to the studio, and inside Studio Northwest.


The New York Building is located in just north of downtown Portland. Studio Northwest is located on the 5th floor of The New York Building.


Studio Northwest is inside the New York Building that uses a call box to allow guests to be buzzed in to use the elevator to the 5th floor.

  • There is a large metal call box in the lobby facing towards the off-street parking lot.
  • Call the studio by using the code is 0017 to ring for Studio Northwest.
  • Once answered, you’ll be buzzed in for access to the elevator to take the 5th floor.
  • The studio will be down the long hall, the second to last door on the right, #511.
  • Tip: Rolling cases are great for transporting session luggage if necessary.

Entering the Building

Use the Callbox to Access the Studio

The Studio is Located on the 5th Floor in Suite #511


You’ll see large windows to allow the south facing light to illuminate the space. You can choose from a handful of background colors as options for your portrait.

With a few light modifiers, a couple poses and you are all set with a new headshot.

Scroll down to view the Beauty Station!

Getting Ready and Hair and Makeup

The studio is equipted with a private changing area and station for optional hair and makeup services. Enjoy getting ready with our beauty station that includes beauty lights, a full length mirror and an area to hang your favorite clothes.

Headshot of Erica J Mitchell Photographer Portland
Natural Light Indoor Headshot
Studio Headshot

Why Choose the Natural Light Studio for your Headshot?

You comfort is paramount for a photo shoot, especially if you are taking a headshot. Working around cold weather or rain can distract from a relaxed image. A temperature-controlled environment allows you to bring your best to the shoot.

One benefit of working indoors is that it’s easy to change outfits and try different looks. When you want to try this, be sure to check with the photographer and make sure your scheduled time can accommodate outfit changes.

Our natural light photo studio has an area to hang up your clothes, dress, and do touch ups, so it’s very easy to try a different shirt or check your makeup.

If you’re worried that a photo will look too plain in a studio environment, think again. The job of a headshot or portrait is to capture your energy and personality with a high quality professional image.

The focus of the viewer will be entirely on you and how you come across in the photo. Background elements can contribute to the feeling of an image, but often aren’t required to get the desired effect. However, if you want some environmental elements, our natural light studio has both an office and living room setup that can be added to your image to give it a bit more ambience.

While the weather and ease of working are great reasons to schedule time in a natural light studio, the light itself is a boon, as well. Some studios specialize in strobe light photography, which can be wonderful when done well. However, much strobe photography can make a headshot look staged or cookie-cutter, something you don’t want in a headshot.

We work only in natural light where the soft and even lighting from our studio windows accentuates your personality and allows you to simply show up and be yourself.

Outside photos are very often taken in environments where there are other people around. Even in controlled, quiet locations there is the need to work around the elements and the environment to get a great shot. In the studio, the focus is entirely on you and getting a great photo.

Want to see the great results we can get from natural light studio photography?

Visit our Studio Headshot for more examples that were made using the studio. With large windows to allow the south facing light to illuminate the space the result is an even soft light that makes each person shine.

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Top 3 Digital File Sizes for Photos

Say hello to Full Size, Large Web and Print.

Choosing the right file size of your digital photos can make all the difference when it comes to printing business cards or your website SEO.

Learn why it is important to know your digital file format sizes.

Studio Headshot for Erica

Welcome to the world of digital photo files.

A lot has changed since we went from traditional film photography using sensitive light paper to make our photographic prints to digital pixels.

As business owners in the digital age we are lucky enough to have the speed and convenience of digital photography. We can make photographs, see them instantly and print them faster than ever before.

But do we know what digital file sizes we need and how to use them? 

Let’s explore the most commonly used digital files sizes for platforms: full size, large web and print.

We will cover why it is important to know your file sizes, the differences and how to use them.

File Formats

1. Full Size

What is a Full Size file size?
Full Size files are the largest file size of the three file formats in terms of how much space they need. They take a heavy load on web website platforms and create lag time as an email attachment.

When would I need to use Full Size file sizes?
Having multiple file formats can be really helpful especially if you are hiring a social media promotional agency, graphic designers or website designers to manage your presentation.

Why do I need a Full Size file size?
The Full Size file allows you or your digital media team to fully customize the file format you need.

2. Large Web

What is a Large Web file size?
Large Web files are the smallest file formats of the three most commonly used by professionals.

When would I need to use Large Web file sizes?
The most used file format file size is Large Web for its versatility. It can be uploaded to most social media platforms, email profile icons and websites. The Large Web file size is also great for improving your search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Too large of file sizes can bog down your visitors load time and steer Google away from reading your website.

Why do I need a Large Web file size?
Having specific file sizes for quick and easy use will help you successfully upload your content with confidence. Large Web will be one of the most used file sizes you will work with and rely on for your visibility.

3. Print

What is a Print file size?
Print files are considered larger file sizes due to how many pixels per inch it contains. Pixels per inch, known commonly as PPI, measures the resolution of digital display and Print file sizes rely on as many pixels per inch to have the best printing quality. Low quality printing will look fuzzy or hazing. Printing a Large Web file for example can have that blurred look because it does not have the amount of pixels needed for a high quality print image.

When would I need to use Print file sizes?
The best time to use Print file sizes is when you are making printed materials such as business cards, posters, brochures, booklets, books or postcards.

Why do I need a Print file size?
You may never need to print your headshot or branding material but in case you do, having the Print file size is great. You can easily upload the correct formatted file and know that your printed material will be high quality.

Have more questions?

Contact us if you have any questions about file formats or sizing of your photographs. We’d be happy to provide more information about how to use your digital photos! For other questions visit our FAQ.

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What Are On Location Photography Sessions?

“Over the last several years, we have developed a reputation for helping our clients fall in love with their homes through an intimate and intuitive design process. Put simply, our clients are our muses. We skirt traditional style distinctions to create spaces that are genre-bending, sophisticated, and tailored.” – Charla Ray

You’ll find us talking about outdoor, on location and studio as the three types of locations we book headshot sessions in.

We’ve covered outdoor photography in our Top 3 Challenges and Benefits for Photographing Outdoors our page Outdoor and On Location sessions, and you can find more information and photos about the studio by visiting The Natural Light Studio.

Ok. So what are on location photography sessions?


Sessions labeled “On Location” are chosen space that are usually a client’s office space, work space, creative space or another type of indoor space that utilities window light as the main light source.

In some cases due to low light conditions, strobe lights with modifiers are brought in to mimic natural light.

Headshots for Interior Designers

On Location photography Session for Charla Ray.

About Charla Ray’s Home Office Shoot

For Charla’s session we photographed her home office in SW Portland. Charla is an interior designer and BFA graduate from the Art Institute of Portland.

Charla was looking for a new headshot for her website and social media (Instagram) as well as an image she could sent to a magazine editor.

We used two B1 strobes with a medium box modifier in her office and kitchen spaces to provide the same type of light we use in our studio headshots.

Headshots for Interior Designers
Headshots for Interior Designers

To learn about locations for headshot sessions view our two types of sessions spaces Outdoor and On Location Sessions or The Natural Light Studio for more.

Natural Light Photography
Session Environments

Interior On Location Indoor

On Location

Outdoor Headshot


Natural Light Indoor for Headshot


How to Prepare for a Headshot Session


You’ve booked your new headshots session. Now it’s time to think about how to prepare.

First, I recommend getting a good night sleep before your shoot. Drink water and allow for plenty of time to get readyIf you are not used to a makeup and hair routine, consider giving yourself a few minutes to apply foundation and a quick style. You’ll also want to pick out an outfit or two! Think comfort, and think layers.

Once we are on set I’ll take it from there, I’ll guide you through some simple poses, postures and techniques that can get us ready for your new headshot.

Natural Light Indoor Headshot

Portrait of a client at The Natural Light Studio.


  • When selecting outfits, focus on your clothes that you love to wear, that you feel comfortable in, and that align with your professional style or brand colors.

  • When picking outfits, think layers! Feel free to bring an additional jacket, scarf or cardigan, and/or bring another top. I personally prefer black long sleeve tops layered with a denim short sleeve button up. For outdoor sessions, it’s suggested if needed to wear a tank top for easy changing.

  • What colors should I wear? Solid neutral colors translate the strongest in photography. Bright colors can work great, however, I suggest avoiding tops are bright red or bright green when shooting outdoors. In the studio these colors don’t reflect as much. Most popular colors are black jackets with solid colored tops in blue and white.

  • Textures such as linen, silk, sweaters, or knits work great. When working with patterns, choose a design that is smaller in print. Large dots or stripes can distract from your headshot. But with that being said, don’t be afraid to bring your favorite patterned top just in case!

  • When choosing tops, focus on complimentary neck lines. For example, I prefer a black V-neck line with a washed out denim jacket. I like the contrast between the top and jacket and the texture of the denim. Other clients will have a round neckline blouse in auburn with a black blazer.

  • Make sure to give yourself plenty of time if you are using a professional hair and makeup stylist or if you are doing it on your own. For minimal makeup a few things to think about: I’ve found that foundation and mascara are the most important when being photographed. For outdoor sessions when styling hair consider a setting spray or style for possible windy conditions.
A client getting ready for a headshot session.

One of my amazing assistants and clients on location for a headshot session.


  • We will use a posing stool for easy sitting shots and standing poses for natural movement.
  • Most shots are portraits only, above the waist unless requested.
  • I may have an assistant with me to use modifiers to control light.
  • For outdoor sessions, it is highly recommended to wear walking shoes.
  • Be ready to relax and have some fun 🙂


Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help provide any additional support for you to prepare! If you haven’t booked your session yet, hop over to Book Now to submit your form.