Expo and Trade Show Conference Headshot Booth

Create added value of your conference with a professional headshot booth.

View our rates, our headshot booth process and the benefits of adding a Tradeshow Headshot Booth to your next event.

How much do expo and trade show conference headshots cost?

Bring added value to your conference with a traffic-driving professional headshot booth for your attendees.

Our professional Tradeshow Headshot Booth is priced with an all inclusive flat rate per day. Need more than one day? We have a significant discount for multi-day conferences.

The price includes time and talent of our team, set up, tear down, our professional photography, lighting, and computer equipment. Additionally, the price includes the instant delivery of your attendee’s headshots.

With all of this included in your event, having a headshot booth is sure to stand out and draw attendees!

    Realtor Headshots

    Expo and Trade Show Conference
    Headshot Pricing 2024

    Standard Rate


    1 DAY – $4,000

    2 DAYS – $7,200

    3 DAYS – $10,500

    One Photographer

    One Backdrop

    Instant Sharing of Headshots

    Branded Viewing Gallery & Communication

    Up to 30+ people per hour

    Premium Rate


    1 DAY – $7,000

    2 DAYS – $12,500

    3 DAYS – $18,500

    Two Photographers

    Two Backdrops with same or different looks

    Instant Sharing of Headshots

    Branded Viewing Gallery & Communication

    Up to 60+ people per hour

    The Tradeshow Headshot Booth Process and Information

    Welcome To Our

    Tradeshow Headshot
    Booth Service

    During the event, we deliver individual galleries directly to every attendee’s inbox. View our streamline headshot booth process for your next Tradeshow or Expo event.

    Sign-ups can be made the Tradeshow floor. Attendee’s after their session receive instantly their smart email delivery with the option to purchase retouching.

    Great for generating leads and promotion of the event with attendee’s posting their new headshot on their professional or social media channels.

    Sign-up Forms

    Our day of instant sign-up process on the Tradeshow floor provides your members and attendees the ability to register hassle free for their headshots during your Tradeshow event.

    Attendees would sign-up using a QR code at the headshot booth, enter their name and be automatically uploaded to the headshot system.

    Smart Email Delivery

    We deliver individual galleries directly to every attendee’s inbox instantly.

    Individual Galleries

    All images are instantly sorted into individual branded, online galleries. Attendees only see their own headshots.

    Retouching for Selections

    If attendees want a little extra they can easily purchase retouching services through the sign-up system in their individual galleries. We accept credit cards.

    Tradeshow Headshot Benefits 

    Professional Results

    The headshots we make during Tradeshows always match the quality of our headshot taken in our studio! There is not quality compromise when setting up at an event.

    For set up, it takes us about 2 hours to prepare our professional portrait booth – computers, camera, lighting, backdrop, and much more for the traffic-driving engagement.

    Our headshot quality will attract a crowd from the moment the doors are open.

    We also offer professional detailed retouching to the attendees to ensure they have a headshot they love.

    Lead Capture

    Create a positive first impression and opportunity for your organization to chat and get to know the attendees at the Tradeshow Headshot Booth.

    Each person coming to our booth has their contact information saved and shared with your organization. 

    Branded Communication

    Each person we photograph can instantly share their headshots after they receive their smart email delivery that is branded with your company information.

    The online gallery is branded with your logo and information.

    Create organic marketing with Tradeshow headshots. Modern audiences will begin easily sharin their instant digital headshot delivery to social media amplifying your event and engagement of your organization.

    The Headshot Booth Experience

    Hiring the team at Erica J Mitchell Photographer for your organization’s booth at a conference or trade show

    Generating more leads provides an opportunity for everybody to talk about your oganization from their headshots at your Tradeshow making an excellent return on investment.

    Let us help you have the most popular booth with professional headshots at the next Tradeshow!

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