Two types of headshot lighting

for individual and corporate groups! 

What is a natural light headshot? 

Natural lighting or also knows as available light techniques are the main type of lighting we specialize in. 

The manipulation of sunlight through either clouds, or curtains or how it enters a studio filled with windows creates a unique effect strobe photograph cannot make.

What is a strobe flash headshot?

Strobe flash photography is a classic technique that has been used in studios for decades using artificial light. It is very directional which limits the area in which the subject can move around. However, this setup can be great for single image headshot packages or team headshots.

Natural Light Headshot

Headshots in Studio

The Natural Light Headshot example was made in our Natural Light Studio in Northwest Portland, Oregon and provides a consistent soft and even look for client’s hiring new employees or updating their personal brand headshot.

Strobe Flash Headshot

Cadeo Group Company Headshots

The Strobe Flash Headshot was made with strobe lights with modifiers and was made on-location in Los Angeles, California and also allows the client to use the same set up for the next set of new hires. 

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