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We offer individual headshots, company team headshots, group photos for teams, and corporate event photography services. Also learn about our Tradeshow Heashot Booth.

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Headshots by Erica J Mitchell Portland Photographer
Studio Headshot


Individual Headshots

The goal of a business headshot session is to develop an image that projects confidence, intelligence, and approachability.

Great for Individual Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Authors and Speakers, Artists and Actors, Real Estate Agents, Tech and Creative Freelancers, Health Practitioners and Therapists, Residency Programs and Fellowships.

Headshots for Corporate and Small Business Teams


Company Headshots

Group headshot sessions are available for companies seeking new or updated headshots of their employees and teams. 


  • 1 final image selection from the proof gallery.
  • Sessions can be on location or made in studio.
  • Session times per person average 15 minutes.
  • Minimum two staff members required for group pricing.
  • Proof gallery for each team member for selecting.
Inspiring Women's Conference in Portland, Oregon


Event Photography Services

Let the passion of your work be celebrated!

Professional corporate event photography services are available for your next gala, leadership summit, conference, networking event or workshop.

Inspiring Women's Conference in Portland, Oregon


Tradeshow Headshot Booth

Create added value of your conference with a professional headshot booth.

View our rates, our headshot booth process and the benefits of adding a Tradeshow Headshot Booth to your next event.

Headshots for Corporate and Small Business Teams

Other Image Asset Services

Branding and eCommerce Photography

Create a collection of visual marketing assets with custom photography for your product or services based business.

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