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Pricing And Group Session Info

  • Minimum two staff members required for group pricing
  • Add a team photo for $55

All pricing include
 Corporate group photography sessions (5-10 minute each)
 Specialized photography gear for natural or artificial light
 Proof gallery for selecting

 1 final retouched photo in three file formats for print and web (full size, large web, and print)
  Image usage rights
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Corporate Group Headshot Pricing 2022

1 person 20 min $300
See Individual Pricing for more information.

2 – $240 each 
3 – $225 each
4 – $210 each
5 – $195 each
6 – $180 each 
7 – $170 each
8 – $160 each
9 – $150 each
10 – $145.00 each
11 – $135.00 each
12 – $130.00 each
13 – $125.00 each
14 – $120.00 each
15 – $115.00 each
16 – $112.00 each
17 – $109.00 each
18 – $106.00 each
19 – $103.00 each
20+ $100.00 each

Want to know more?

Visit our blog post answering your most popular questions about pricing and booking your corporate team headshots.

Pricing and Booking for Corporate Team Headshots


The Natural Light Headshot example was made in our Natural Light Studio in Northwest Portland, Oregon and provides a consistent soft and even look for client’s hiring new employees.

The Strobe Flash Headshot is artificial light that was made using strobe flash technology and light modifiers. This headshot was made on-location in Los Angeles, California and also allows the client to use the same set up for the next set of new hires.

Headshots in Studio

Natural Light Headshot

Cadeo Group Company Headshots

Strobe Flash Headshot

How To Book A Group Headshot Session

To book a session, a 50% deposit is required. Fill out our form visiting Book Now or email for scheduling. Payments will be invoiced and can be accepted through Square and Paypal.

Preparing For Your Headshot Session

First, it is highly recommended to get a good night sleep before your shoot. Drink water and allow for plenty of time to get ready. You’ll also want to pick out an outfit or two! Think comfort, and think layers.

Visit How To Prepare For A Headshot Session for more details.

What To Expect After The Session

A proof gallery is emailed for you to review and choose your selections. Once selections are made they get professional retouching and then are prepared for delivery. This can take 3-7 business days depending on quantity and scheduling. Rush and same day delivery extra $100.00.

Each image ordered outside the images in the package are $55 each, retouching, formatting for print and web use and copyright included. 

Delivery Details

Each photograph selected from the proof gallery is retouched then formatted for print and web. Download delivery is provided through Dropbox for easy and quick use.

View Top 3 Digital File Sizes for Photos for more about what files sizes will be delivered, when to use the file sizes, and why clients use different file sizes.

Upon request, you will receive multiple crops for each selection that you make from the proof gallery.

About Erica J Mitchell’s Natural Light Photography Style

Erica photographs in a natural light studio or on location using available light to create a soft environmental look for each of her clients. Classic photographic techniques that utilize the sun are used onsite to enhance the light quality.

Learn more about the photographer’s style and story by visiting About Erica.

Need an Single Headshots Only?

Visit our Individual Pricing for more infomation about single headshot sessions.

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