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Light & Design

Erica J Mitchell earned her BFA in photography and design from The Art Institute of Portland in 2017.

She specializes in natural light headshots and brand photography for professionals and companies seeking marketing tools to grow their businesses and stay competitive in the marketplace.

With a passion for optics (the study of light) of modern physics, she primarily will photograph using natural light techniques. When shooting with strobe lights she applies these same principles to offer her clients high-quality visibility in their business or publication.

She provides a unique session experience for those who are looking to update their headshot or seeking out professional photography for the first time. Her easy going nature, professionalism and excitement for light draws clients to work with her.

Located in Portland, Oregon.


About Erica

At the age of three Erica started her photographic journey with her Dad, a studio film portrait photographer. Through their adventures on the Monterey Bay coastline, camera in hand, and as a model for his studio photography, Erica witnessed the processes of photography and the creativity the vocation offered.

These experiences in front and behind the camera infused a sense of wonder and curiosity that led her to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and photography career.

Erica has resided in Portland, Oregon since 2009. Similar to the beaches of Santa Cruz, CA that she later grew up on, the eclectic community in Portland provides unparalleled artistic inspiration, and just as importantly, a refreshing and enriching approach to living, which she does her best to exemplify in her art and way of life.

You can catch Erica surfing the Oregon coast on her days off or gardening her wild backyard.

Erica Surfing

If you’re looking for more information and work from Erica, please visit her fine art work at www.artintheclouds.com and wedding photography at www.loveandidophoto.com.

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