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We work out of our studio, outdoors and on-site for our clients.

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Studio Headshot


Studio Headshots

The light and bright natural light professional photography studio is located in northwest Portland, Oregon.

Large windows allow the south facing light to illuminate the space providing diffused light for a soft flattering glow.

The studio is the perfect space for your professional headshot session to develop an image that projects confidence, intelligence, and approachability.

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Outdoor Headshots

Outdoor headshot sessions allow for multiple background options and offer a variety of textures.

With a few light modifiers, a couple poses and you are all set with a new headshot.

Headshots for Interior Designers


On-site Headshots

Sessions labeled “On-site” or “On Location” are chosen space that are usually a client’s office space, private space, work space, creative space or another type of indoor space that utilities window light as the main light source.

In some cases due to low light conditions, strobe lights with modifiers are brought in to mimic natural light.

Headshot Gallery


Types of Headshots

Company team headshots, corporate professional, lawyer, doctor, residency student, real estate agent, therapist and new profile photos for Linkedin are the most common types of headshots we make.

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