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About Erica J Mitchell’s Style

Erica J Mitchell specializes natural light photography for business professionals seeking marketing and branding tools to grow their businesses and stay competitive in the marketplace.

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Meet the team of Erica J Mitchell Photographer.

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About The Natural Light Studio

The light and bright natural light professional photography studio is located in northwest Portland, Oregon. 

The studio is the perfect space for your professional headshot session to develop an image that projects confidence, intelligence, and approachability.

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About Outdoor Sessions

Outdoor headshot sessions allow for multiple background options and offer a variety of textures.

With a few light modifiers, a couple poses and you are all set with a new headshot.

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About On Location Sessions

Sessions labeled “On Location” are selected space that are typically a client’s office space, work space, creative space or another type of indoor space.

In some cases due to low light conditions, strobe lights with modifiers are brought in to mimic natural light.

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Headshots for Corporate and Small Business Teams


Who We’ve Worked With

Since opening in 2012, we’ve had the privilege to help many companies improve their online presence with new headshots, branding and event photography services. 

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