About On Location Headshots

Onsite, on location, indoor and private spaces for headshots!

What are on location headshots? On location headshot sessions refers to photography shoots that happen outside of a photographer’s studio. We have two types, outdoor and on location. On location sessions are indoors usually office, private or brand specific spaces.

What locations are there for headshots? Other on location options include all Outdoor Headshot Sessions that allow for multiple background options and offer a variety of textures, or use our Natural Light Studio.

What lighting is used for on location headshots? Our onsite headshots are made indoors using available light. In cases with low light conditions strobe lights were brought in to mimic natural window light.

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On Location Sesssions Make For Great Portraits

When we do our on location portraits, we like to work with natural sunlight as much as possible. Natural sunlight provides us with soft shadows, warm colors, and flattering highlights on faces. These elements  help us capture the best of you. 

On location headshots tend to have an easygoing vibe to them. Professional portraits taken in on location using window light have a fresher and gentler feel. Natural light is warmer and more welcoming than strobe lighting, which can feel more stiff and clinical.

Indoor On Location Headshots in Portland Oregon

Office on location session photographing a client team using available window light with modifiers.

Why Choose On Location for Your Headshot?

When you get your headshots done on location indoors, they are one-of-a-kind. No two on location headshots are exactly the same. Different locations, textures, lighting, all come together to make your on location portraits unique.

The indoor setting can help communicate your story and place your photograph in a context your customers and clients can understand. Your photo will stand out among the hundreds of other corporate headshots taken in studios or offices. 

Many people discover that when they use on location headshot photography, they are able to be more themselves. People tend to feel more at ease and less self-conscious in their own spaces compared to a studio setting. When you’re at ease and relaxed in front of the camera, it will show in your images. Indoor on location headshots help you be your authentic self.

What You Need to Know

If you are interested in booking an on location headshot session consider the available light in the space you are wanting to work in and what background elements you have in mind for your photographs.

When utilizing the natural light large windows bringing in natural light will be paramount and where the light lands will be the best area for a backdrop. If there is not enough light for your desired space or you unsure contact us for a consultation.

Other options include strobe photography to mimic natural light which can work beautifully in your space.

Examples of On Location Headshot and Group Photos

For PEC’s new company headshots we photographed on site with a single light strobe set up as the main source of light in addition to the natural light fill supplied from the outdoor setting through the windows. We used the client’s headquarters and office space as the two locations for the team headshots.

For Cerbo, we photographed on location using the office environment of the client’s choice as the backdrop and used strobe light as the main source of light. This set up provided consistent lighting for all of their employees which allows for future sessions of new hires to blend seamlessly. The result are well balance headshot photos the illuminate each person that projects confidence, professionalism and friendliness.

We created new headshots for the leadership team of WPI’s Eugene office using a two light set up. We photographed on-site at the client’s office during work hours to provide accessibility and ease for each team member.

To match the headshots we made for the WPI Builds at their Portland office we used the same lighting set up and a neutral gray or white background on-site at their Eugene office.

We used a conference room wall to make these headshots and the same two light set up we used in the Portland office. The light source was a 3 ft octabank modifier on a Profoto B10 strobe head, our second Profoto B10 strobe head was used to light the background. We had the same modifier bounce cards in the same place to match the headshots we already made. Once the client made the selections we mad the background colors all match.

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