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New Headshots for the Leadership Team at the Eugene Office of Wester Partitions, Inc. (WPI Builds)

We created new headshots for the leadership team of WPI’s Eugene office using a two light set up. We photographed on-site at the client’s office during work hours to provide accessibility and ease for each team member.

To match the headshots we made for the WPI Builds at their Portland office we used the same lighting set up and a neutral gray or white background on-site at their Eugene office.

We used a conference room wall to make these headshots and the same two light set up we used in the Portland office. The light source was a 3 ft octabank modifier on a Profoto B10 strobe head, our second Profoto B10 strobe head was used to light the background. We had the same modifier bounce cards in the same place to match the headshots we already made. Once the client made the selections we mad the background colors all match.

Using these lighting technique and set up allows the client to onboard new hires with headshots that will match every time.

On-site set ups require no additional cost.

To view learn more about on-site headshot sessions visit Company Headshot Pricing, On-site Headshot Gallery, and About On-site Headshots.

Photographer: Erica J Mitchell
Photography Retouching: Erica J Mitchell

Behind the scenes test shot and lighting set up on site at the Eugene office.

For companies that are growing and hiring staff, consistent looking company headshots is key to a website presentation and the professionalism of your business.

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