New Work for Portland’s Housing Development Center

Urban Headshot

Headshots for the Team

On location office individual and team photos for Portland’s Housing Development Center, a non-profit consulting group located in Portland, Oregon.

For this on location session we used the urban environment of the client’s office space as the backdrop and used the available light coming through the buildings and street as the main source of light.

In addition to bounce and flag cards we manipulated the light with the positioning of the subjects. The closer the subject to the shadow line of the light source the greater the diffused light that impacts the skin. By placing the subject next to a building with the winter light direction we were able to achieve a reduction of light to the top of the head and add dimension to the face with shadows.

HDC is a nonprofit consulting group that works with mission-driven organizations to create and sustain affordable homes and human-service facilities.

“Affordable homes and facilities designed, developed, and sustainably resourced to meet the needs of diverse communities.”

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Top 3 Digital File Sizes for Photos

Say hello to Full Size, Large Web and Print.

Choosing the right file size of your digital photos can make all the difference when it comes to printing business cards or your website SEO.

Learn why it is important to know your digital file format sizes.

Studio Headshot for Erica

Welcome to the world of digital photo files.

A lot has changed since we went from traditional film photography using sensitive light paper to make our photographic prints to digital pixels.

As business owners in the digital age we are lucky enough to have the speed and convenience of digital photography. We can make photographs, see them instantly and print them faster than ever before.

But do we know what digital file sizes we need and how to use them? 

Let’s explore the most commonly used digital files sizes for platforms: full size, large web and print.

We will cover why it is important to know your file sizes, the differences and how to use them.

File Formats

1. Full Size

What is a Full Size file size?
Full Size files are the largest file size of the three file formats in terms of how much space they need. They take a heavy load on web website platforms and create lag time as an email attachment.

When would I need to use Full Size file sizes?
Having multiple file formats can be really helpful especially if you are hiring a social media promotional agency, graphic designers or website designers to manage your presentation.

Why do I need a Full Size file size?
The Full Size file allows you or your digital media team to fully customize the file format you need.

2. Large Web

What is a Large Web file size?
Large Web files are the smallest file formats of the three most commonly used by professionals.

When would I need to use Large Web file sizes?
The most used file format file size is Large Web for its versatility. It can be uploaded to most social media platforms, email profile icons and websites. The Large Web file size is also great for improving your search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Too large of file sizes can bog down your visitors load time and steer Google away from reading your website.

Why do I need a Large Web file size?
Having specific file sizes for quick and easy use will help you successfully upload your content with confidence. Large Web will be one of the most used file sizes you will work with and rely on for your visibility.

3. Print

What is a Print file size?
Print files are considered larger file sizes due to how many pixels per inch it contains. Pixels per inch, known commonly as PPI, measures the resolution of digital display and Print file sizes rely on as many pixels per inch to have the best printing quality. Low quality printing will look fuzzy or hazing. Printing a Large Web file for example can have that blurred look because it does not have the amount of pixels needed for a high quality print image.

When would I need to use Print file sizes?
The best time to use Print file sizes is when you are making printed materials such as business cards, posters, brochures, booklets, books or postcards.

Why do I need a Print file size?
You may never need to print your headshot or branding material but in case you do, having the Print file size is great. You can easily upload the correct formatted file and know that your printed material will be high quality.

Have more questions?

Contact us if you have any questions about file formats or sizing of your photographs. We’d be happy to provide more information about how to use your digital photos! For other questions visit our FAQ.

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LinkedIn Profile Photos for Job Seekers

Two Headshots for Linkedin

What Are LinkedIn Headshots?

A LinkedIn headshot is commonly used for company websites, business cards, press releases, and of course, LinkedIn profiles. While the title “LinkedIn” would lead you to believe that these headshot photographs are just utilized on that particular platform, the truth is that they are frequently used on a range of professional networks.

As LinkedIn is often becoming the first impression a potential employer or client gets, you’ll want to appear professional, competent, and approachable in your LinkedIn headshot.

A beautiful LinkedIn headshot by a well renowned headshot photographer is an excellent first step in developing a fantastic personal brand that will help you get employed faster, increase your sales opportunities, or attract investors. In the virtual world, your headshot establishes your credibility.

Professional photographers are the best option to get a great LinkedIn headshot, and those are the ones you should use. So schedule a session with the professional headshot photographer at Erica J Mitchell Photography today and let’s get your LinkedIn profile looking great!

Curtis Portland LinkedIn Headshot - Natural Light Indoor Headshot
Denise Gaskin Portland LinkedIn Headshot

What Is the Importance of LinkedIn Headshots?

You’ve probably met someone who you quickly liked or despised. What about you?

Maybe you knew why you felt that way about them, maybe you didn’t, but the majority of individuals are capable of forming “first impressions” of other people in as little as 1/8th of a second.

Those first impressions can have a significant impact on who they hire, who they buy from, and who they otherwise pay attention to.

It’s your professional image on the line, so get a great LinkedIn photo taken by a professional photographer.

Hiring managers use LinkedIn to screen applications before making a decision. Potential clients utilize LinkedIn to study vendors before making a purchasing decision. Investors utilize LinkedIn to discover more about the CEOs of the companies they are interested in.

A decent LinkedIn headshot is essential for generating a positive first impression with these people – and can have a significant impact on your professional life as a result.

Good Linkedin headshots assist in establishing your profession and distinguishing yourself from your peers. You’ve worked hard to get your qualifications and build your professional reputation; now it’s time for your LinkedIn and professional profiles to do the same!

Kevin Portland LinkedIn Headshot
Katie Portland LinkedIn Headshot

What To Expect From A LinkedIn Headshot Session?

We’ll help you decide on a background and a style for your photoshoot. Depending on how you’re wanting to present yourself, you may opt for an outdoor, in-studio, or on-location session. Our photographers will happily walk you through the benefits of each.

Upon selecting your images from our session, we will enhance them to make sure you look your best and then deliver stunning headshots perfect for your LinkedIn profile photos. Full-color and black-and-white photos that have been optimized to function seamlessly with LinkedIn and other social media sites.

How Much Do Corporate Headshots Cost?

Professional corporate headshots start at $300, depending on factors like location and number of photos needed.

You will receive one final high-resolution retouched images in multiple crops and file formats for easy use.

To book a session, a 50% deposit is required. Call or email for scheduling. Payments can be made through Square, Paypal or check.

If you need headshots for your employees, contact us for pricing packages.

Studio strobe lighting may be used in poor lighting conditions as a way to mimic the natural lighting or any other desired style upon request may include additional costs.

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3 Reasons To Update Your Headshot

How Often Should I Update my Headshot?

A headshot is a professional, high quality image that becomes a keystone of your personal brand. It is used to present you and your essence to the world in a wide variety of business applications, such as your website, your Facebook profile image, or your LinkedIn profile.

New headshots allow you to connect with your audience and show yourself as you look in the present moment. For many professionals, staying current is paramount and a new image is a way to promote yourself, market your services, and maintain an up-to-date brand.

How often you update depends on the use of your headshot, but chances are you will want to update it more often than you expect. New photos can keep prospects interested and connected to you, especially on social media and LinkedIn.


The following circumstances may indicate it’s time for an update: 

1. New Look

Your look may have changed a great deal since your last headshot. A change in hairstyle is always a good time to update your photos, so people know what to expect when they meet you in person. And if your fashion has been updated — you might be changing your personal brand or adopting a new wardrobe — it’s a good time to update your image.

2. New Career

Your career, work place, or client base may have shifted and a new image can be a great way to mark a shift in circumstances. 

3. Shift in lifestyle

You may be experiencing a time where you feel at your personal best; this is the best time to get your newest image! That fresh energy will be conveyed in your updated photo.

Timing for Updating Your HEadshot

Ultimately, any change is a good time to refresh your headshot, but, as a rule of thumb, every 6-12 months is a good amount of time for most situations. After all, we all change a lot in a year and it’s good to get new energy around your image, especially in professional circumstances.

If you are getting headshots for a company or organization you may want to consider updating the images every couple of years to keep a fresh image.

As a note:

Being up-to-date is not enough. You need a high quality headshot to really present yourself in the best light. A professional photographer takes into consideration many technical concerns like the quality of light, the pose, and the use of a high quality camera with a pro lens. Don’t settle when it comes to creating an image that will present you at your best.

Look at the work of the photographer you are interested in and make sure their headshots capture people in a natural, relaxed way. An image that doesn’t detract from the individual and shows the individual in their best light is a good sign that the photographer has the skill required to capture you well. 

Below are some headshots I have taken at various locations and for a variety of professionals, from therapists to coaches to corporate employees. 

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Like what you see? Contact Erica for Indoor and Outdoor Headshot Sessions starting at $300.00. 

Let’s get you an updated image that will keep your personal brand fresh and engaging.

Where is the Natural Light Studio?

The Natural Light Headshot Studio

The light and bright natural light studio located in NW Portland.

You’ll see large windows to allow the south facing light to illuminate the space. You can choose from a handful of background colors as options for your portrait.

With a few light modifiers, a couple poses and you are all set with a new headshot.

Additional Studio Backdrop Options

In addition to the classic white and cream, “Office and Livingroom” set up, moveable wall colored backdrops are now available in pale pink and gray green.

Background Color Options: Classic White, Tan, Cream, Pale Pink and Gray Green
Background Set Ups: Office Set, Livingroom Set

Why Choose the Natural Light Studio for your Headshot?

You comfort is paramount for a photo shoot, especially if you are taking a headshot. Working around cold weather or rain can distract from a relaxed image. A temperature-controlled environment allows you to bring your best to the shoot.

One benefit of working indoors is that it’s easy to change outfits and try different looks. When you want to try this, be sure to check with the photographer and make sure your scheduled time can accommodate outfit changes.

Our natural light photo studio has an area to hang up your clothes, dress, and do touch ups, so it’s very easy to try a different shirt or check your makeup.

If you’re worried that a photo will look too plain in a studio environment, think again. The job of a headshot or portrait is to capture your energy and personality with a high quality professional image.

The focus of the viewer will be entirely on you and how you come across in the photo. Background elements can contribute to the feeling of an image, but often aren’t required to get the desired effect. However, if you want some environmental elements, our natural light studio has both an office and living room setup that can be added to your image to give it a bit more ambience.

While the weather and ease of working are great reasons to schedule time in a natural light studio, the light itself is a boon, as well. Some studios specialize in strobe light photography, which can be wonderful when done well. However, much strobe photography can make a headshot look staged or cookie-cutter, something you don’t want in a headshot.

We work only in natural light where the soft and even lighting from our studio windows accentuates your personality and allows you to simply show up and be yourself.

Outside photos are very often taken in environments where there are other people around. Even in controlled, quiet locations there is the need to work around the elements and the environment to get a great shot. In the studio, the focus is entirely on you and getting a great photo.

Want to see the great results we can get from natural light studio photography?

The photographs below were made using the studio with large windows to allow the south facing light to illuminate the space.

The result is even, soft lighting that makes each person shine.

Other options are On Location Headshots In Portland with choices that include office spaces, work spaces or brand specific indoor spaces or Outdoor Headshot sessions allow for multiple background options and offer a variety of textures.