Headshot session for author and Founder/Creative Director of
Thunder Egg Collaborative

Our team photographs using natural light and strobe flash to create a soft environmental look for each of our clients.

For our client Brittney’s new headshots, we used our Natural Light Studio that has large south facing windows to allow the sunlight to illuminate the space providing diffused light for a soft flattering glow. We used a neutral background, simple style set up and posing furniture for Brittney’s headshot portrait session. 

Brittney is the Founder and Creative Director of Thunder Egg Collaborative, an architectural design service. Her goals were to have new images to use for her upcoming book and to update her social media profiles.

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Our studio lighting set up.

Behind the scenes to our light set up at the beautifully naturally lit studio located in northwest Portland, Oregon.

The open space, with a wall of windows and high ceilings, provides lush and ample natural light as the light source for these headshots.

We specialize in natural light headshot photography. Learn more by visiting our Natural Light Headshots Gallery.

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