New Work for Portland’s Housing Development Center

Urban Headshot

Headshots for the Team

On location office individual and team photos for Portland’s Housing Development Center, a non-profit consulting group located in Portland, Oregon.

For this on location session we used the urban environment of the client’s office space as the backdrop and used the available light coming through the buildings and street as the main source of light.

In addition to bounce and flag cards we manipulated the light with the positioning of the subjects. The closer the subject to the shadow line of the light source the greater the diffused light that impacts the skin. By placing the subject next to a building with the winter light direction we were able to achieve a reduction of light to the top of the head and add dimension to the face with shadows.

HDC is a nonprofit consulting group that works with mission-driven organizations to create and sustain affordable homes and human-service facilities.

“Affordable homes and facilities designed, developed, and sustainably resourced to meet the needs of diverse communities.”

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New Work for Jenni Leasia Design

Headshots for the Team

On location office individual and team photos for Jenni Leasia Design, an interior design firm located in NW Portland, Oregon.

For this on location session we used the client’s large windows as our light source. In addition to bounce and flag cards we manipulated the light with the positioning of the subjects. The closer the subject to the light source the greater the light that impacts the skin. By placing the team mid way in the room we were able to get balanced light.

For the individual sessions we used left and right side light coming from the windows. By turning the subjects we were able to achieve unique lighting for each spot.

“We design high end kitchens, master suites and complete interiors for your forever home. It’s the study that calms your mind and sparks creativity; the perfectly laid-out kitchen that makes cooking a joy; the living room that inspires cozy conversations and beautiful gatherings. Our designs nurture you, and enrich every celebration and daily routine at home.”

Interior Designers

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What Are On Location Photography Sessions?

“Over the last several years, we have developed a reputation for helping our clients fall in love with their homes through an intimate and intuitive design process. Put simply, our clients are our muses. We skirt traditional style distinctions to create spaces that are genre-bending, sophisticated, and tailored.” – Charla Ray

You’ll find us talking about outdoor, on location and studio as the three types of locations we book headshot sessions in.

We’ve covered outdoor photography in our Top 3 Challenges and Benefits for Photographing Outdoors our page Outdoor and On Location sessions, and you can find more information and photos about the studio by visiting The Natural Light Studio.

Ok. So what are on location photography sessions?


Sessions labeled “On Location” are chosen space that are usually a client’s office space, work space, creative space or another type of indoor space that utilities window light as the main light source.

In some cases due to low light conditions, strobe lights with modifiers are brought in to mimic natural light.

Headshots for Interior Designers

On Location photography Session for Charla Ray.

About Charla Ray’s Home Office Shoot

For Charla’s session we photographed her home office in SW Portland. Charla is an interior designer and BFA graduate from the Art Institute of Portland.

Charla was looking for a new headshot for her website and social media (Instagram) as well as an image she could sent to a magazine editor.

We used two B1 strobes with a medium box modifier in her office and kitchen spaces to provide the same type of light we use in our studio headshots.

Headshots for Interior Designers
Headshots for Interior Designers

To learn about locations for headshot sessions view our two types of sessions spaces Outdoor and On Location Sessions or The Natural Light Studio for more.

Natural Light Photography
Session Environments

Interior On Location Indoor

On Location

Outdoor Headshot


Natural Light Indoor for Headshot


Professional CD Album Photography

Pianist Sophie Lippert’s
CD Album Photography Session

Location: Classic Pianos, Portland, Oregon

Choosing photos for your CD cover that will give a visual impact on the first look! 

My favorites from the album photoshoot with founder of Connections Concerts Sophie Lippert for her upcoming CD titled Time Travel, a collection of 15 pieces written by 9 composers over the course of 300 years. I can’t wait to hear it!

Feature text from

Sophie Lippert as Concert Pianist

“Hi, I’m Sophie! I’m a professional classical pianist. I’ve played voraciously as a soloist and collaborative musician alike, and have been praised for my sensitivity, dynamism, expressiveness, and evocative musical maturity.

I received my degree in Classical Piano Performance under the tutelage of the inimitable Jon Kimura Parker at Rice University. The highlights of my performance career were performances of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue with the Seattle Philharmonic, Seattle Symphony, and Olympia Symphony, and I’ve established a successful career as orchestral soloist, innovative collaborative musician, and classical piano soloist. Now, I’m passionate about creating multi-genre concerts that incorporate conversations and group exploration.

My new CD, Time Travel, features a fantastic collection of some of my favorite solo piano pieces, written by 9 composers over the course of 300 years. In an innovative twist, I’ve included spoken intersitials, meant to cultivate connection and intimacy for listeners.” 


What joy to share my music with you.

“I am also thrilled to be CEO of Connections Concerts Series, which launched its inaugural season in June 2019, and featured a wildly successful run of shows featuring the finest local multi-genre performers sharing music and conversation. Headliners included Joe Kye, Max Ribner, Saeeda Wright, Stephanie Schneiderman, Niema Lightseed, Saffire Bouchelion, Courtney Freed, Paula Byrne, Tim Gilson, and more! Visit the Connections website for more information about this fantastically innovative and powerful series. Though the series is on temporary hiatus due to the global pandemic, I’m so looking forward to more connective events in the future.

The Bottom Line: I am passionate about using classical music as a medium of connection, and making classical music more accessible, approachable, and engaging by creating concerts that incorporate conversations and group exploration. I’d love to share my music with you.”

Preview Sophie Lippert on HearNow or purchase her cd from her website.

Rhythm on the Rails Writing Retreat

All aboard!

Rhythm on the Rails participant enjoying the expansive river views via Business Class.

I’ve never been on a train. So when I had heard about a one day writing retreat by train from Portland’s Union Train Station to Seattle’s King Street Train Station I was really intrigued. The train went by way of the Amtrak Cascades route which is one the most beautiful train routes in the PNW and arguably the best in the nation. Just the type of place you’d want to be tucked in to work on a writing project, or at lease in my case, to write my wedding vows uninterrupted by my dogs and routine of daily life.

Johnnie Mazzacco is the brain’s behind the idea. Formed from her own experience of taking the train and finding the inspiring bubble the train provides decided to transport groups of writers to and from Seattle with a loose structure based on isolated time to write combined with a social lunch and artistic scavenger hunt at the Seattle Art Museum.

If you are looking to get yourself into a unique head space for writing her next retreat is in June. You can learn more here Rhythm on the Rails. And for fun, the reason I travel can be summed up in Jason Silva’s Why do we travel? video.

When we grow we celebrate!

I had a the wonderful opportunity to photograph a phase of growth for a family, a Bar Mitzvah. The kindness the family cultivates permeated throughout the whole session while the ceremonial threads echoed a calm and peaceful yet celebratory tone. It was a pleasure to witness this cultural tradition.

Here is a sneak peek to the ceremonial space.