Proof Gallery Selections and Image Deliveries

About Proof Galleries

After your session you are given a proof gallery using Dropbox with unedited images for you to make your selection(s) depending on what session package you paid for. 

At Erica J Mitchell Photographer we offer basic and advanced retouching at no additional charge.

Once selections are made, photographs will continue the editing process and be retouched and formatted for final use. Any additional images beyond what the session package includes are $55 with the usage license.

Example of part of a proof gallery for a client in Dropbox. 

Making An Image Selection and Retouching

To make an image order, clients will reply to their proof gallery email and include the file number of the selected image of their choice. The file number can be located in the file name in the Dropbox link below.

If desired please include any retouching notes with your order.

All images are edited at a basic level, which is the standard retouching amount. If you would like more retouching to your image please feel free to provide specifics.

To learn more, visit Headshot Retouching.

Standard retouching takes 2-3 business days.

Cropping Examples

Examples of different crop options (horizontal by request, circle border not included).

About Image Deliveries

After clients have made their image selections from the proof gallery and the final selection has been through post production (retouching, cropping and formatting) an email with a download link will be sent.

Clients will receive Large Web and Print file formats in multiple cropping options delivered through Dropbox.

Example of the Large Web format of an image delivery for a single selection. This client used the Basic Session as their service.

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