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2024 Summer Employee Party for Blessing Landscapes

Event Photography for Blessing Landscapes Employee Summer Event Party at their office location in Portland, Oregon photographed by our staff photographers, Erica and Jodhi.

The summer party event for the employees of Blessing Landscapes had several interactive ourdoor summer games each with prizes and extra raffle tickets to enter for prizes at the end.

The first game of the day was a chair balloon game where each team had to pop all their balloons by sitting on them.

Then was a soft bow and arrow game with a series to determine the winning team!

After the bow and arrow was lunch and then three more games. There was a egg dropping game, blower game and a water balloon fight to finish it off.

Not bad for a hot summer day!

“Blessing Landscapes has been serving the greater Portland area since 1991. We care about our community and want the best for its members, meaning you.

This is part of the reason we are eco-conscious in our designs. With energy-efficient lighting, water-wise irrigation, Backyard Habitat Certification and a myriad of other sustainable efforts, we’re doing our part to keep this area beautiful for years to come.” About Us Blessing Landscapes

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Event photography by Erica J Mitchell and Jodhi-Mather Pike.

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