You’ve booked your new headshots session. Now it’s time to think about how to prepare.

First, I recommend getting a good night sleep before your shoot. Drink water and allow for plenty of time to get readyIf you are not used to a makeup and hair routine, consider giving yourself a few minutes to apply foundation and a quick style. You’ll also want to pick out an outfit or two! Think comfort, and think layers.

Once we are on set I’ll take it from there, I’ll guide you through some simple poses, postures and techniques that can get us ready for your new headshot.

Natural Light Indoor Headshot

Portrait of a client at The Natural Light Studio.


  • When selecting outfits, focus on your clothes that you love to wear, that you feel comfortable in, and that align with your professional style or brand colors.
  • When picking outfits, think layers! Feel free to bring an additional jacket, scarf or cardigan, and/or bring another top. I personally prefer black long sleeve tops layered with a denim short sleeve button up. For outdoor sessions, it’s suggested if needed to wear a tank top for easy changing.
  • What colors should I wear? Solid neutral colors translate the strongest in photography. Bright colors can work great, however, I suggest avoiding tops are red and green. These colors will reflect up onto the face creating an unpleasant color mixing effect. Pale reds and greens are ok.
  • Textures such as linen, silk, sweaters, or knits work great. When working with patterns, choose a design that is smaller in print. Large dots or stripes can distract from your headshot.
  • When choosing tops, focus on complimentary neck lines. For example, I prefer a black V-neck line with a washed out denim jacket. I like the contrast between the top and jacket and the texture of the denim. Other clients will have a round neckline blouse in auburn with a black blazer.
  • Make sure to give yourself plenty of time if you are using a professional hair and makeup stylist or if you are doing it on your own. For minimal makeup a few things to think about: I’ve found that foundation and mascara are the most important when being photographed. For outdoor sessions when styling hair consider a setting spray or style for possible windy conditions.
A client getting ready for a headshot session.

One of my amazing assistants and clients on location for a headshot session.


  • We will use a posing stool for easy sitting shots and standing poses for natural movement.
  • Most shots are portraits only, above the waist unless requested.
  • I may have an assistant with me to use modifiers to control light.
  • For outdoor sessions, it is highly recommended to wear walking shoes.
  • Be ready to relax and have some fun 🙂


Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help provide any additional support for you to prepare! If you haven’t booked your session yet, hop over to Book Now to submit your form.