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Team Group Photo of the lawyers at Janet Hoffman and Associates.

Team Group Photo and Headshots for Janet Hoffman and Associates

We photographed the legal team at Janet Hoffman and Associates law firm on site at their office in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Our client wanted two group photos, one of the full legal time and one of the lawyers. Image above of the 6 lawyers. Image below of the full 11 company employees.

In addition to the group photos we create four new headshots. View gallery below.

Group photo of the law firm at Janet Hoffman and Associates.

Behind the scenes on-site team group photo set up!

Updating headshots for the team at Portland’s law firm, Janet Hoffman and Associates

For the new headshots, we matched the background of the existing headshots previously made by another photographer. Using the same background can provide consistency to all the headshots without having to make new ones for each staff member. 

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For our set up we used a 7ft umbrella with a diffuser on a b10 strobe flash head for the group photos and headshots. For the headshots we lit the subjects so that the background environment of the city during the day would come through. Using the same equipment will allow for future sessions to blend seamlessly with the photos already made.

Final images are delivered in multiple crops for easy use.

Janet Hoffman & Associates is a top-rated criminal defense law firm in Portland, Oregon. The firm specializes in defending individuals and corporations facing actual or potential charges of criminal or regulatory misconduct in state or federal court.” —Website

For companies that are growing and hiring staff, consistent looking company headshots is key to a website presentation and the professionalism of your business.

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