Team Group Photo

A guide to team group photos for corporate staff members and small business teams.

Team Group Photo of Janet Hoffman and Associates

Showcase the leaders, team members or work group of your business.

We offer company group photos for businesses. Either book a group photo session or add-on to your headshot booking. We’ve got it covered. 

1. Preparing ahead of time

When preparing for your team group photo, you’ll want to consider:

  • Coordinating the group’s clothing
  • Carefully choosing the location

For clothing, decide if you’d like the group photo to be more casual or professional. Having the team wear suits and ties or more causal with jeans and polos will allow everyone to prepare their outfits ahead of time.

For choosing a location, depending on the size of your team you’ll need more space to get everyone in the shot.

Pro tip: Sometimes going on-site a few days prior can allow for location scouting and coordination for the session.

Behind the scenes of the setup for a team group photo of Janet Hoffman and Associates.

2. Coordinating with your team

Time your group shot well. The best time to book your group photo for your team is close to your teams lunch hour. Scheduling the session prior to lunch or just after lunch allows for your team to continue the days work with meetings or tasks.

Pro tip: Provide a buffer for your team to freshen up before the session.

3. Do some candid group photos

Want to get a professional group photo but still show your team’s personality? Add a candid group photo to your website. Let your team know ahead of time that you want to do a fun shot at the end.

4. How to book your team group photo

We can come on-site to your office or schedule a studio session.

Team Group Photo (no headshot sessions) include:

  • 1 final image selection from the proof gallery. Additional selections are $55.00 each.
  • Cost: $325.00 USD

5. Adding a team group photo to your headshot sessions

Already booked headshots for your company team? Add a team photo to your headshot sessions.

  • Includes 1 final image selection from the proof gallery.
  • Sessions can be on location or made in studio.
  • Cost: $55.00 USD

What you receive
Final high-resolution images in multiple crops in two file formats for easy use.

Booking Schedule
To book a session, a 50% deposit and contract is required.

Pro tip: Establish a color theme or textures for the team to wear for the group photo. For example, ask everyone to wear a shade of blue.

For additional questions about headshots and photography sessions, visit our FAQ or view our guide to preparing for your headshot session.

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