How often should you update your photos, so they don’t give someone pause when you meet in person?

Profile pictures should be updated every three years unless there is a significant change in appearance. Then, they should be taken sooner.

“So, the next time you scroll LinkedIn, log in to a Zoom meeting, or even send an email with a thumbnail profile photo, think about how you want to be perceived, and don’t hesitate to use a picture that fully represents who you are.” says Wired.

Headshot Shadow

Our client booked our Basic Headshot Session at the Natural Light Studio.

The Basic Headshot Session includes the studio rental, a 20 minute photography session and 1 image selection from the proof gallery.

The studio provides ample daylight, rain or shine, to create one of a kind experience. There’s nothing more professional than a well lit headshot to attract potential recruiters, hiring staff, casting directors, fellowship program directors, or any other purpose for online promotion.

1 image cropped in multiple sizes

Grid of crops for headshot

Your headshot image delivery includes multiple crops in two file formats for easy use.

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