Robin Tompkins, JD, ACC (she/her)

We photographed Robin about 1-2 hours before sunset on a December evening. For Portland, Oregon this time of year the sun sets about 4pm and is dark by 5pm.

We used the west setting sun as the main light source for Robin while using flag and bounce cards to add and subtract light on the sides. It’s important to shape the light while outdoors.

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Outdoor environments can be fantastic depending on the desired effect, especially when the weather is great. For our clinet Robin, it was a fantasticly clear winter day!

Changing color of clothes for final delivery.

Our client wanted to match a group of speakers for an upcoming speakin opportunity so we retouched the color of her top from green to blue. Additionally, with her second outfit we looked at what her top would look like all blue without the mixing of reds and yellows.

Sometimes it’s helpful to wear your favorite top and have the color changed to match your branding in post production. You can share your requests during the session or when you send your selections from the proof gallery.

Our outdoor back drop environment.

Behind the scenes to our outdoor background set up at a northeast Portland bungalow. The space was an excellent place to give our client a nautre based background.

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Final delivery crop options.

After clients have made their image selections from the proof gallery and the final selection has been through post production (retouching, cropping and formatting) an email with a download link will be sent.

An example of multiple crop options for each selection made from the proof gallery. Most images are in an 8×10 vertical and square crop. The horizontal crop is usually by request.

Clients will receive Large Web and Print file formats in multiple cropping options delivered through Dropbox. Three file sizes included in delivery

  • Print 12 inch long, 300dpi 5 MB
  • Large Web 2,000 pixels long, 72 dpi 1.5 MB
  • Website Sized 1,080 pixels long, 72 dpi 100 KB

Social Media Icons

Final images are delivered in multiple crops for easy use. The most popular is the square crop for social media profile photos.

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About Robin

Robin Tompkins, JD is an influential and strategic business leader, executive coach, leadership and DEI consultant, and board member. She has more than 25 years of experience driving organizational performance and growth, with a specific focus on the corporate, nonprofit, energy, finance, and venture capital sectors. After building a successful career in corporate law and financial advising, Robin made the leap to entrepreneurship to bring her rich business expertise to personal and professional transformation work. In 2016, she founded Olive Hill Global Advisors, an executive coaching and leadership development firm that focuses on removing barriers to promote women, people of color and marginalized populations into leadership positions. Robin is a true visionary who can see the potential in every leader, team, and organization that she works with. She has a special passion for helping teams leverage their unique demographics and diversity characteristics for better collaboration, easier communication, and more vibrant results. She thrives when leading mission-driven organizations that are open to a global perspective and innovative changes. In addition to obtaining her law degree, she also earned certificates from New York University in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Executive Coaching in 2021 and 2022. She is also an ICF certified coach. ” —Website

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