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How much does it cost to book headshots for my corporate team ?

Our corporate team headshot pricing depends on how many team members are scheduled per headshot session. View our pricing table below for corporate team headshots. 

This does not include gear rental, assistant costs, location costs or optional hair and makeup servies.

Group Headshot Pricing:
2 people at $240 each
3 people at $225 each
4 people at $210 each
5 people at $195 each
6 people at $180 each
7 people at $170 each
8 people at $160 each
9 people at $150 each
10 people at $145.00 each
11 people at $135.00 each
12 people at $130.00 each
13 people at $125.00 each
14 people at $120.00 each
15 people at $115.00 each
16 people at $112.00 each
17 people at $109.00 each
18 people at $106.00 each
19 people at $103.00 each
20+ is $100.00 each flat rate

What extra costs are there?

Other costs include gear rental, a photography assistant on site, hair and make up services, studio location costs, or location permitting costs.

How much does gear rental cost for a group headshot session if needed?

If artificial light is necessary, professional photography gear rental is estimated around $300.00 to 500.00 per day depending on the client’s requests.

What are the location costs for group headshot sessions?

The below pricing details are for location only, NOT the cost for headshot photography.

The rate for renting the studio only for the full day is between $600-$650 depending on if it is schedule during the week or weekend.

It is not typically recommended to do a full day outdoors as the lighting of the background/environment would be different over a 6-8 hour period. It would require permits for certain public areas or scouted locations for rent that would allow for a full studio set up. This pricing would be dependent upon the location and permits.

There is no location cost for doing onsite headshots.

What is the best way to coordinate group headshot sessions with the photographer?

Typically headshot sessions are coordinated 1-2 people every 15 minutes, or one person every 10 minutes. We like to schedule in blocks of sessions. For example, we’d book 4-6 people each hour for 3 hours and take a 15 minute break, then repeat.

How many people can be photographed per day for corporate teams?

We booked 3 hour blocks that can photograph between 12-18 people with a 15 minute break between blocks.

For example, with two 3 hour blocks in one session, that’s 24-36 individual heaadshot sessions per day.

Do you offer hair and makeup services?

We have an excellent makeup and hair artist by the name of Linda that we work with. Extra time is needed when considering hair and makeup. If this service is requested time and pricing can be provided.

Can you provide an example of group pricing?

This does not include the cost of hair and make up.

For example, for an 18 team member headshot sessions at the studio the cost would be:

+ 18 individuals x 106.00
+ $500.00 gear rental and assistant
+ $600 for a full day studio rental for set up, hair and make up and headshot sessions
= $3,008.00 ($2,408 without using the studio)

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View Our Newest Company Team New Hire Headshots

For companies like GridStor that are growing fast and hiring staff, consistent looking company headshots is key to a website presentation and the professionalism of your business.

We used the Natural Light Studio with window light as the main source of light. This set up provides consistent headshots for employees which allows for future sessions of new hires to blend seamlessly.

The result are well balance headshot photos the illuminate each person that projects confidence, professionalism and friendliness.

Our staff photograph Jamie took the newest new hire headshots for GridStor below.

Meet the Full Team of GridStor

View the previous headshots made by the Erica J Mitchell Photographer Team!

GridStor is a developer, owner and operator of battery energy storage systems.

“We strategically site battery storage projects to place electricity from renewable resources, like wind and solar, near where demand is greatest. This helps build a more resilient grid in the face of threats posed by climate change and severe weather.” Website↗

GridStor is enabling the transition to a clean energy grid by deploying flexible grid-connected batteries at scale. GridStor develops, acquires, and operates utility-scale, stand alone battery storage projects across North America.” –GridStor

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