Providence Health Plan

Leadership Team 

New corporate headshots for professional leadership team, Scott and Shannon.

“Scott Burton and Shannon Drotning will serve as Market Presidents, during a time where Providence Health Plan is expanding into new Pacific Northwest and West Coast markets” states their press release Providence Health Plan Expands Leadership Team Amidst Upward Growth↗.

Scott Burton

Shannon Drotning

What Are Corporate Headshots?

Corporate headshots are professional photographs used to enhance various marketing and communications approaches. Most commonly, they are used on company websites or LinkedIn profiles.

They can also be used on business cards, personal blogs or websites or press releases.

A strong corporate headshot evokes professionalism, competence, warmth and personality.

Why is it Important to Have a Great Corporate Headshot?

A great headshot is an effective way to help people identify you and to humanize information they read about you.

There are many reasons why having a good corporate headshot is important:

  • Create a Strong First Impression. When people are looking you up via your website or social media, your corporate headshot can help establish a great first impression. Whether it’s potential clients or customers, business partners or employers, people want to know who they’re doing business with. An About Us page or LinkedIn profile is often the first place they look and your headshot can deliver

  • Build Trust. Customer and client relationships come first. With strong corporate headshots featuring a professionally dressed and smiling executive, you can build and strengthen trust with your most valued relationships. It builds a connection and humanizes you to those looking at your picture. Remember, most people do business with a person, not a company

  • Reinforce Values. What message does your business want to convey about what is important? By connecting your face to your company’s name, you want to be sure you are delivering the core values and messages

  • Commitment to Quality. A selfie or cropped photo of a family vacation is not a professional corporate headshot. You want photos to reflect the professionalism, poise and commitment to excellence you aspire to every day to come across in your headshots

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