Senior Vice President and General Manager of QSC Pro Audio, David Angress

We photographed our client in our natural light studio, Studio Northwest, located in Portland, Oregon using our south facing window light and light modifiers.

Let’s look at our setup, talk about proof galleries, image rotation options, and what comes in a headshot delivery.

Location and Lighting Setup

We used window light from the large windows and flag and bounce cards to create shadow on both sides of the face.

Our approach is to create flat light and shape it. Imagine a box with one of the sides open to let light in directionally. The light would follow onto the subject and then to the background.

When using natural light the diffused light acts as a very large wide band of light like a 7 ft umbrella modifier for strobe photography. A trick we use when on site and natural light is not available.

Below is an example of our studio set up and an on-site setup. The studio setup is using the large windows and v-flat modifier. An additional modifier is used during the session. The on-site setup is using a 3 ft octabank with a Profoto strobe with a v-flat bounce card.

Proof Gallery

After the headshot session our clients are given a proof gallery with unedited images for selection(s) to be made depending on what session package is paid for.

Once selections are made, photographs will continue the editing process and be retouched and formatted for final use. Any additional images beyond what the session package includes are $55 with the usage license.

At Erica J Mitchell Photographer we offer basic and advanced retouching at no additional charge. 

Visit Retouching Headshots Guide to learn more.

Example of Image Rotation

Our client’s selection had two really great positions for the final image. We delivered both options, the original position and a slighting rotated position. 

    Original Position

    Example of square cropping in our editing program Lightroom to show the original position without rotation. The client’s original photo posture has a slight lean to their left. In the rotated position example below you’ll see how the rotation makes the image to appear more upright.

    Rotated Position

    Example of the second square cropping in our editing program Lightroom to show the rotated position which gives the client a more upright orientation in their photo.

    Another perspective of the rotation of a headshot selection. The top image is the original position and the bottom is the rotated position. The client received both options depending on their desired choice.

    Final Delivery

    After clients have made their image selections from the proof gallery and the final selection has been through post production (retouching, cropping and formatting) an email with a download link will be sent.

    Clients will receive Large Web and Print file formats in multiple cropping options delivered through Dropbox.

    Three file sizes included in delivery

    • Print 12 inch long, 300dpi 5 MB
    • Large Web 2,000 pixels long, 72 dpi 1.5 MB
    • Website Sized 1,080 pixels long, 72 dpi 100 KB

    About David

    “David Angress is SVP and general manager at QSC Pro Audio. QSC, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers, software and accessories is based in Costa Mesa, California. He is a seasoned veteran of the music and pro audio products industry, having held senior executive leadership roles at Guitar Center, Harman, AKG and ADAM Audio GmbH, in addition to being the principal of his own consulting business. QSC has been a NAMM Member since 1977.” NAMM

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