Photography images in this post by Erica J Mitchell Photographer for a Women with Moxie video event campaign.

Your Brand Story

At its core, business photography is telling a story without words and when paired with a marketing message it adds depth to your brand. Whether you service people as a specialist in your field or selling a product, there is a way to photographically tell your story to grab the attention of your ideal clients.

Your brand has an origin story, a target market and a goal.

For a service example, you created a consulting firm to provide professional guidance, support and tips for women in leadership positions seeking help to become more efficient and better at their roles. You would have a professional headshot and portraits of you in your working environment and images of you working with your clients. You want to show who you are, what you do, where you do it and how it works.

For a product example, you created the best luxury flashlight for outdoor activities and you want to sell your flashlights to an outdoor company or directly to customers seeking a high quality product. You would have professional photographs of your flashlight for your shop as well as in the field. You would show in photographs the solution you are solving for the outdoor industry. 

What Images Do I Need?

The images captured for most business branding photography needs are product presentation, client interaction, interiors and exteriors, object details, working process, creative spaces, and lifestyle photography along with environmental portraits of the business owners or employees.

Who are you? 
Business Portrait

What do you offer? 
Service or Product Feature

What does it look like?
Finished Product

How do you do it? 
Development and Production

Why is it important? 
Lifestyle, Community and Culture

Where are you?
Storefront, On-location, Online

What happened? 
Event Coverage

Women with Moxie Networking in Portland Oregon

What’s Next?

Time to share your brand story images!

You’ll receive web and print file formats for quick and easy use to get your brand seen. Update your profile photo, your website and start posting your new images on your social media platforms to generate higher visibility of your business in the marketplace.

Being Published?
Use Your Photography in Printed or Online Articles

Need Photography for Your Website?
Be Visual and Professional Online

Elevate your Digital or Print Presentations, Business Cards and Brochures

Use Your Photography in Social Media Platforms to Market to your Fans

Have Personalized Photography when you are Networking In Person

Want to see more Brand Photography?

Interested in Working Together?

Let’s answer these photographically and then share your story with your audience on your website and social media platforms to generate higher connectivity of your business.

Our goals are to create custom photography of your brand to show your customers and clients who you are and what you are doing. They will resonate and become familiar with the work you do. Ultimately, we want our images to sell your work when you aren’t showcasing it in person.

We photograph on location using natural light or in studio to create the desired look.

Let your posting, advertisement or marketing message stand out with well balanced, high quality, artistic photographs that will attract your ideal clients and customers.