On-site Branding for Ludvig Svensson

Reviewers and Participants

Ludvig Svensson’s client branding session was photographed by our staff photographer, Jamie Coughlin.

Reviewers and Participants

“With a passion for quality textiles, the Svensson brand is built on a legacy that began in 1887. After four generations as a family run company, we continue to develop and manufacture textiles with outstanding design and function.”– Website

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GridStor Finds a New Home in the Central Eastside Industrial District

Let’s take at the new GridStor office space in the Central Eastside district of Portland, Oregon.


The headquarters of Gridstor is located at the new creative office building at 7 Southeast Stark. Even though they are still moving in, they wanted us to capture the space to share. 

With floor to ceiling glass lines, large terraces and an industrial modern design, this is the perfect landing for the team of GridStor, a developer, owner and operator of battery energy storage systems.

“We strategically site battery storage projects to place electricity from renewable resources, like wind and solar, near where demand is greatest. This helps build a more resilient grid in the face of threats posed by climate change and severe weather.” Website↗

Meet the Team of GridStor

GridStor is one of those companies growing fast and hiring staff. Another four employees are added to their team this month. See their new hire headshots below!

We used the Natural Light Studio with window light as the main source of light. This set up provided consistent headshots for their employees which allows for future sessions of new hires to blend seamlessly. The result are well balance headshot photos the illuminate each person that projects confidence, professionalism and friendliness.

GridStor is enabling the transition to a clean energy grid by deploying flexible grid-connected batteries at scale. GridStor develops, acquires, and operates utility-scale, stand alone battery storage projects across North America.” –GridStor

For companies that are growing and hiring staff, consistent looking company headshots is key to a website presentation and the professionalism of your business.

View Company Headshots to view more examples or to learn about booking a group session for your company.

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New Headshots for Family Portrait Photographer Cecilia Adalynn

New Photographer Headshot and Branding content

Behind the scenes

A snapshot the client got from their perspective!

Even photographers need headshots.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve updated your headshot, consider an update to help promote and market who you are and what you do. 

Cecilia Adalynn purchased the Lifestyle Package from our Individual Pricing which offers clients 1.5 hours of photography and 5 final retouched photos formatted and delivered in print and web file formats.

The Lifestyle Package is great for a brand refresh because you’ll have time to change into 4-5 outfits with several types of backgrounds giving you a wide range of portraits to use on your website and social media channels. 

I am dedicated to helping families plan ahead by guiding them through the estate planning process. I also provide assistance with probate and trust administration, and estate and gift tax returns. ” –Beth Twist

About Cecilia Adalynn Photography
Family Portrait Photography in Ridgefield Washington. Serving the Beautiful Pacific North West

Learn more Cecilia Adalynn Photography Website

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What’s Your Brand Story? Featuring Women with Moxie Campaign

Photography images in this post by Erica J Mitchell Photographer for a Women with Moxie video event campaign.

Your Brand Story

At its core, business photography is telling a story without words and when paired with a marketing message it adds depth to your brand. Whether you service people as a specialist in your field or selling a product, there is a way to photographically tell your story to grab the attention of your ideal clients.

Your brand has an origin story, a target market and a goal.

For a service example, you created a consulting firm to provide professional guidance, support and tips for women in leadership positions seeking help to become more efficient and better at their roles. You would have a professional headshot and portraits of you in your working environment and images of you working with your clients. You want to show who you are, what you do, where you do it and how it works.

For a product example, you created the best luxury flashlight for outdoor activities and you want to sell your flashlights to an outdoor company or directly to customers seeking a high quality product. You would have professional photographs of your flashlight for your shop as well as in the field. You would show in photographs the solution you are solving for the outdoor industry. 

What Images Do I Need?

The images captured for most business branding photography needs are product presentation, client interaction, interiors and exteriors, object details, working process, creative spaces, and lifestyle photography along with environmental portraits of the business owners or employees.

Who are you? 
Business Portrait

What do you offer? 
Service or Product Feature

What does it look like?
Finished Product

How do you do it? 
Development and Production

Why is it important? 
Lifestyle, Community and Culture

Where are you?
Storefront, On-location, Online

What happened? 
Event Coverage

Women with Moxie Networking in Portland Oregon

What’s Next?

Time to share your brand story images!

You’ll receive web and print file formats for quick and easy use to get your brand seen. Update your profile photo, your website and start posting your new images on your social media platforms to generate higher visibility of your business in the marketplace.

Being Published?
Use Your Photography in Printed or Online Articles

Need Photography for Your Website?
Be Visual and Professional Online

Elevate your Digital or Print Presentations, Business Cards and Brochures

Use Your Photography in Social Media Platforms to Market to your Fans

Have Personalized Photography when you are Networking In Person

Want to see more Brand Photography?

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Let’s answer these photographically and then share your story with your audience on your website and social media platforms to generate higher connectivity of your business.

Our goals are to create custom photography of your brand to show your customers and clients who you are and what you are doing. They will resonate and become familiar with the work you do. Ultimately, we want our images to sell your work when you aren’t showcasing it in person.

We photograph on location using natural light or in studio to create the desired look.

Let your posting, advertisement or marketing message stand out with well balanced, high quality, artistic photographs that will attract your ideal clients and customers.

What Are On Location Photography Sessions? Featuring Charla Ray Interior Design

“Over the last several years, we have developed a reputation for helping our clients fall in love with their homes through an intimate and intuitive design process. Put simply, our clients are our muses. We skirt traditional style distinctions to create spaces that are genre-bending, sophisticated, and tailored.” – Charla Ray

You’ll find us talking about outdoor, on location and studio as the three types of locations we book headshot sessions in.

We’ve covered outdoor photography in our Top 3 Challenges and Benefits for Photographing Outdoors our page Outdoor and On Location sessions, and you can find more information and photos about the studio by visiting The Natural Light Studio.

Ok. So what are on location photography sessions?


Sessions labeled “On Location” are chosen space that are usually a client’s office space, work space, creative space or another type of indoor space that utilities window light as the main light source.

In some cases due to low light conditions, strobe lights with modifiers are brought in to mimic natural light.

Headshots for Interior Designers

On Location photography Session for Charla Ray.

About Charla Ray’s Home Office Shoot

For Charla’s session we photographed her home office in SW Portland. Charla is an interior designer and BFA graduate from the Art Institute of Portland.

Charla was looking for a new headshot for her website and social media (Instagram) as well as an image she could sent to a magazine editor.

We used two B1 strobes with a medium box modifier in her office and kitchen spaces to provide the same type of light we use in our studio headshots.

Headshots for Interior Designers
Headshots for Interior Designers

To learn about locations for headshot sessions view our two types of sessions spaces Outdoor and On Location Sessions or The Natural Light Studio for more.

Natural Light Photography
Session Environments

Interior On Location Indoor

On Location

Outdoor Headshot


Natural Light Indoor for Headshot


Fashion Designer Sonia Kasparian

An artist, sculptor and designer Sonia Kaskparian works with form, proportion, and structure to create bespoke fashion.

Sonia Kasparian was a designer during the 2019 season of an American reality television series that premiered on Bravo that focuses on fashion design.

During the release of the season on streaming platforms we photographed at the client’s studio using their large window light as the main source of light to add images to her branding.

✂️ In studio with the extremely talented hand draping bespoke designer @soniakasparian_urchin.

Sonia Kasparian has always been an artist, and as a child growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, she used drawing to escape and express herself. In elementary school, she studied at the Chicago Art Institute on weekends in a program for skilled young artists to learn more about various types of art, from drawing to sculpture. Always curious to learn more about different facets of art and design, she tried various programs within the school, and while she was intrigued by architectural design, she ultimately enrolled in a fashion design program.

While her first love was fine art, she graduated from Otis/Parsons in Los Angeles and graduated Designer of the Year with a BFA in fashion design with the plan to work in the corporate world to make money with her designs and eventually move back into fine art.

Thirty three years later, Sonia has had stints working at Nike, designing NBA apparel and Team USA Olympic apparel for the men’s and women’s beach volleyball teams, Quicksilver, Roxy, and O’Neil as their Director of Global Branding. Sonia designed OP’s original monokini and created Roxy’s signature board shorts.

These days, Sonia creates bespoke couture and bridal pieces instead of working for a larger company, to focus on one of a kind pieces. She continues to pursue her passion for fine art and building homes as time allows.” –Bravo Project Runway

Are you in need of updating your marketing assets?Online presence and business visibility is key in the professional world.

View Brand Photography Services to view more examples or to learn about booking a brand session for your company today.

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