Team Photos

The team of Emerick Architects.

A team photo goes a long way in high level business.

Investing in headshots for your business helps potential customers and clients know who they will be work with, but a team photo shows the connection the company creates within their workplace. A fun team defiantly makes our job that much more awesome!

We used a two light strobe set up for this team photo and placed everyone on two lines to keep focus. We positioned the two principals in front to add importance while add layers to the photo. The second photo was requested by the client to express that the team they’ve build loves to have fun. “Go Team!”

View Company Headshots to view more examples or to learn about booking a group session and team photo for your company.

Emerick Architects is a Portland-based architecture firm that was founded in 2000, by principals Melody and Brian Emerick.” –Emerick Architects

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