Ever wondered what it was like to get to our headshot sessions?

Let’s take a tour of the natural light studio we use for our clients located just north of downtown Portland Oregon.

You’ll see:

  • the outside of The New York Building
  • how to get to the natural light studio
  • and inside the studio!

The light and bright natural light studio located in NW Portland.

Let’s take a tour of the outside of The New York Building, getting to the studio, and inside Studio Northwest.


The New York Building is located in just north of downtown Portland. Studio Northwest is located on the 5th floor of The New York Building.


Studio Northwest is inside the New York Building that uses a call box to allow guests to be buzzed in to use the elevator to the 5th floor.

  • There is a large metal call box in the lobby facing towards the off-street parking lot.
  • Call the studio by using the code is 0017 to ring for Studio Northwest.
  • Once answered, you’ll be buzzed in for access to the elevator to take the 5th floor.
  • The studio will be down the long hall, the second to last door on the right, #511.
  • Tip: Rolling cases are great for transporting session luggage if necessary.

Entering the Building

Use the Callbox to Access the Studio

The Studio is Located on the 5th Floor in Suite #511


You’ll see large windows to allow the south facing light to illuminate the space. You can choose from a handful of background colors as options for your portrait.

With a few light modifiers, a couple poses and you are all set with a new headshot.

Scroll down to view the Beauty Station!

Getting Ready and Hair and Makeup

The studio is equipted with a private changing area and station for optional hair and makeup services. Enjoy getting ready with our beauty station that includes beauty lights, a full length mirror and an area to hang your favorite clothes.

Headshot of Erica J Mitchell Photographer Portland
Natural Light Indoor Headshot
Studio Headshot

Why Choose the Natural Light Studio for your Headshot?

You comfort is paramount for a photo shoot, especially if you are taking a headshot. Working around cold weather or rain can distract from a relaxed image. A temperature-controlled environment allows you to bring your best to the shoot.

One benefit of working indoors is that it’s easy to change outfits and try different looks. When you want to try this, be sure to check with the photographer and make sure your scheduled time can accommodate outfit changes.

Our natural light photo studio has an area to hang up your clothes, dress, and do touch ups, so it’s very easy to try a different shirt or check your makeup.

If you’re worried that a photo will look too plain in a studio environment, think again. The job of a headshot or portrait is to capture your energy and personality with a high quality professional image.

The focus of the viewer will be entirely on you and how you come across in the photo. Background elements can contribute to the feeling of an image, but often aren’t required to get the desired effect. However, if you want some environmental elements, our natural light studio has both an office and living room setup that can be added to your image to give it a bit more ambience.

While the weather and ease of working are great reasons to schedule time in a natural light studio, the light itself is a boon, as well. Some studios specialize in strobe light photography, which can be wonderful when done well. However, much strobe photography can make a headshot look staged or cookie-cutter, something you don’t want in a headshot.

We work only in natural light where the soft and even lighting from our studio windows accentuates your personality and allows you to simply show up and be yourself.

Outside photos are very often taken in environments where there are other people around. Even in controlled, quiet locations there is the need to work around the elements and the environment to get a great shot. In the studio, the focus is entirely on you and getting a great photo.

Want to see the great results we can get from natural light studio photography?

Visit our Studio Headshot for more examples that were made using the studio. With large windows to allow the south facing light to illuminate the space the result is an even soft light that makes each person shine.

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