All aboard!

Rhythm on the Rails participant enjoying the expansive river views via Business Class.

I’ve never been on a train. So when I had heard about a one day writing retreat by train from Portland’s Union Train Station to Seattle’s King Street Train Station I was really intrigued. The train went by way of the Amtrak Cascades route which is one the most beautiful train routes in the PNW and arguably the best in the nation. Just the type of place you’d want to be tucked in to work on a writing project, or at lease in my case, to write my wedding vows uninterrupted by my dogs and routine of daily life.

Johnnie Mazzacco is the brain’s behind the idea. Formed from her own experience of taking the train and finding the inspiring bubble the train provides decided to transport groups of writers to and from Seattle with a loose structure based on isolated time to write combined with a social lunch and artistic scavenger hunt at the Seattle Art Museum.

If you are looking to get yourself into a unique head space for writing her next retreat is in June. You can learn more here Rhythm on the Rails. And for fun, the reason I travel can be summed up in Jason Silva’s Why do we travel? video.