Updated Outdoor headshots for Portland Landscaping Company,
Blessings Landscapes

Reviewers and Participants

Blessings Landscapes is a local Portland, Oregon landscaping company offering residential and commercial design services, custom installations and landscaping matenance. Two of their employees need to update their headshots so we headed outside to Whitaker Ponds Natural Area for the right light and background to match their brand.

We used natural east facing light with a single bounce card as our modifier. Our background elements are part of the trail to the dock of Whitaker Pond.

See the headshots below!

“A DIFFERENT KIND OF LANDSCAPING COMPANY. Blessing Landscapes places an emphasis on how we treat our employees. Keeping them happy, keeps you happy. Our professional landscapers strive to remain the best of the best and it shows in our work. Your finished landscape will make your home the highlight of your block and leave you excited to spend time outside.” —Website

For companies that are growing and hiring staff, consistent looking company headshots is key to a website presentation and the professionalism of your business.

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