Headshot session for author Loren Pankratz PhD.

We photographed Loren in his library of collected books on-site at his home. We used a 2 light set up, one 7 foot umbrella as the main light source and a single light in the back of the long library hall with a 3 foot umbrella.

Loren is a former consultation psychologist at the Portland VA Medical Center and retired professor in the department of psychiatry at Oregon Health & Science University.

He is a book collector and writer who specializes in the history of deception, swindles, cons and magic. Although not a practitioner of these disciplines his background as a doctor of phycology allows him to delve into how belief works.

He has published several books Patients Who Deceive, Mysteries and Secrets Revealed: From Oracles at Delphi to Spiritualism in America and Modern Swindles: A Romp through early 20th century Con-games, Frauds, and Fallacies.

See our behind the scenes lighting setup at the end!

Our on-site lighting set up.

Behind the scenes to our light set up at the beautifully designed home library for Loren’s book collections. The space, a walk way well crafted to hold thousands of books was perhaps only one foot wider than the 7 foot umbrella modifer we used on our strobe lights! 

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