Springtime Portraits for the Portland Housing Development Center

Group photos for the NW HDC using the sky as the light source and bounce and flag cards as modifiers to get the desired look.


We started by scouting the area at the shooting time which was just after 10am. The sun is high in the sky during this time of year with the angle of the sun.

Believe it or not, but the best weather conditions are cloudy days. The clouds create the desired diffused lighting ideal for outdoor naturally lit photographs.


We placed each subject in the shadows of a large building about 4 stories high. The building created a barrier between us and the sun but allowed for us to use the bright sky to bounce back on the subject.

Another great option we used was the flag card, a large black form core board held just to the left or right of the subject to create shadows to help define the shape of the subjects face.


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