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How you display yourself online is crucial. Professional headshots from Erica J Mitchell are a great way to communicate your style and personality.

Your first impression in telling that tale is your headshot! Everyone professional needs a headshot, and everyone deserves one that conveys individuality and highlights who they are.

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What Are Author Headshots?

Author headshots are professional photographs used to promote the writer of a non-fiction or fictional novel. Marketing and communications use the author’s headshot for book signings and online publications and promotions. Most commonly, they are used for the “about the author” on the book itself.

Author headshots can also be used on business cards, personal blogs or websites or press releases.

A strong author headshot evokes professionalism, warmth and personality and context to the mind behind the words.

Why is it Important to Have a Great Author Headshot?

A great headshot is an effective way to help people identify you and you work as a writer. 

There are many reasons why having a good author headshot is important:

  • Create a Strong First Impression. When people are looking you up via your website or social media, your author headshot can help establish a great first impression. Whether it’s potential publishers or readers, business partners or employers, people want to know who they’re engaging with. The book itself, an About Us page or LinkedIn profile is often the first place they look and your headshot can deliver
  • Build Trust. Publisher and reader relationships come first. With strong author headshots featuring a professionally dressed and welcoming writer, you can build and strengthen trust with your most valued relationships. It builds a connection and humanizes you to those looking at your picture. Remember, most people relate with a person, not a company
  • Reinforce Values. What message does your writing business want to convey about what is important? By connecting your face to your name, you want to be sure you are delivering the core values and messages
  • Commitment to Quality. A selfie or cropped photo of a family vacation is not a professional author headshot. You want photos to reflect the professionalism, poise and commitment to excellence you aspire to every day to come across in your headshots

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What Do I Wear for a Corporate Headshot?

Wardrobe matters greatly. In most professions, men will wear a suit in a dark color, with muted patters and solid ties. Women should consider a professional suit or office wear, again without bold or busy patterns and avoid short sleeves.

Photographer Erica J Mitchell has extensive experience developing corporate headshots and offers individual and group rates.

To learn more and see examples of her corporate headshot clients, contact her today.

What Makes a Good Author Headshot?

A good author headshot should consist of the following:

1. A background, either within your favorite setting or, based on the design, a colored backdrop

2. The right look, whether it’s your hair, makeup, accessories, or eyeglasses, can help convey the message you seek. Also consider your smile. You want it to be natural and unforced

3. Good posture, because body language says so much. Stand or sit comfortably but not too stiffly. Work with your professional photographer to try different types of profile positions to find one that works

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How Much Do Author Headshots Cost?

Professional author headshots start at $300, depending on factors like location and number of photos needed. Contact us for group pricing.

All packages include
  Session time
  Studio rental
  Number of high resolution fully edited photos delivered to you in an easy online gallery

Pricing is based on the amount of time used to photograph in a session, which determines how many images you will have to view and select from in the proof gallery. The amount of final retouched photos received in the package. You will receive final high-resolution retouched images in multiple crops and file formats for easy use.

To book a session, a 50% deposit is required. Payments can be made through Square, Paypal or check.

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