Two Headshots for Linkedin

What Are LinkedIn Headshots?

A LinkedIn headshot is commonly used for company websites, business cards, press releases, and of course, LinkedIn profiles. While the title “LinkedIn” would lead you to believe that these headshot photographs are just utilized on that particular platform, the truth is that they are frequently used on a range of professional networks.

As LinkedIn is often becoming the first impression a potential employer or client gets, you’ll want to appear professional, competent, and approachable in your LinkedIn headshot.

A beautiful LinkedIn headshot by a well renowned headshot photographer is an excellent first step in developing a fantastic personal brand that will help you get employed faster, increase your sales opportunities, or attract investors. In the virtual world, your headshot establishes your credibility.

Professional photographers are the best option to get a great LinkedIn headshot, and those are the ones you should use. So schedule a session with the professional headshot photographer at Erica J Mitchell Photography today and let’s get your LinkedIn profile looking great!

Curtis Portland LinkedIn Headshot - Natural Light Indoor Headshot
Denise Gaskin Portland LinkedIn Headshot

What Is the Importance of LinkedIn Headshots?

You’ve probably met someone who you quickly liked or despised. What about you?

Maybe you knew why you felt that way about them, maybe you didn’t, but the majority of individuals are capable of forming “first impressions” of other people in as little as 1/8th of a second.

Those first impressions can have a significant impact on who they hire, who they buy from, and who they otherwise pay attention to.

It’s your professional image on the line, so get a great LinkedIn photo taken by a professional photographer.

Hiring managers use LinkedIn to screen applications before making a decision. Potential clients utilize LinkedIn to study vendors before making a purchasing decision. Investors utilize LinkedIn to discover more about the CEOs of the companies they are interested in.

A decent LinkedIn headshot is essential for generating a positive first impression with these people – and can have a significant impact on your professional life as a result.

Good Linkedin headshots assist in establishing your profession and distinguishing yourself from your peers. You’ve worked hard to get your qualifications and build your professional reputation; now it’s time for your LinkedIn and professional profiles to do the same!

Kevin Portland LinkedIn Headshot
Katie Portland LinkedIn Headshot

What To Expect From A LinkedIn Headshot Session?

We’ll help you decide on a background and a style for your photoshoot. Depending on how you’re wanting to present yourself, you may opt for an outdoor, in-studio, or on-location session. Our photographers will happily walk you through the benefits of each.

Upon selecting your images from our session, we will enhance them to make sure you look your best and then deliver stunning headshots perfect for your LinkedIn profile photos. Full-color and black-and-white photos that have been optimized to function seamlessly with LinkedIn and other social media sites.

How Much Do Corporate Headshots Cost?

Professional corporate headshots start at $300, depending on factors like location and number of photos needed.

You will receive one final high-resolution retouched images in multiple crops and file formats for easy use.

To book a session, a 50% deposit is required. Call or email for scheduling. Payments can be made through Square, Paypal or check.

If you need headshots for your employees, contact us for pricing packages.

Studio strobe lighting may be used in poor lighting conditions as a way to mimic the natural lighting or any other desired style upon request may include additional costs.

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