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How you display yourself online is crucial. Professional headshots from Erica J Mitchell are a great way to communicate your style and personality.

Your first impression in telling that tale is your headshot! Everyone professional needs a headshot, and everyone deserves one that conveys individuality and highlights who they are.

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What Are Professional Headshots Important?

Have you ever met someone who you immediately felt comfortable with and saw as an expert?

Most people form their “first impressions” of others in less than a few seconds. These early impressions have a big influence on who they hire, buy from, and listen to.

And in today’s digital world, most first impressions occur online.

LinkedIn is used by hiring managers to screen job applicants. Employees’ web profiles are checked by potential clients to discover if they are trustworthy. The company’s About Us page is where investors and donors may learn more about the company’s executives.

Making a solid first impression with these people requires a stunning professional headshot, which has a significant impact on how people form their first impression of you and sets you apart from the competition.

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What Makes a Professional Headshots?

Professional headshots are portraits that someone will use on a variety of places, both online and offline. Many professionals will use their portrait on websites, business cards, press releases, and social media profiles. The term “headshot” simply refers to a portrait snapshot that focuses on the upper torso and face.

Professional headshots are used to inspire others that you are trustworthy, friendly, and capable. A professional photographer may use the background or environment, your pose, the clothing you’re wearing, and overall lighting in a variety of ways to help you visually portray those things.

Studio Headshot

What are the best backdrops for professional headshots?

We’ll work with you to decide on the best backdrop to relay the sentiment you’re looking for. We offer outdoors, on location and studio backdrops for your headshot.

Sometimes a neutral backdrop in white, gray, or black is best for professional services like law and finance.

If you work in the creative industries, non-profits, or tech, sometimes a more colorful studio backdrop or an outdoor session will liven up your professional headshots.

In-office sessions are a great way to give a viewer a peek inside your company. These photographs usually have a little more personality about them and help people see more into your professional culture.

Having a variety of professional headshots is great to keep this fresh and you utilize your headshots across platforms, especially if you’re a top executive, entrepreneur, or thought leader. To compliment your studio headshots, having some outdoor or in-office headshots will definitely add more variation and allow people to see many sides of you.

How Much Do Professional Headshots Cost?

Professional headshot pricing starts at $325, depending on factors like location and number of photos needed.

All packages include
  Session time
  Studio rental
  Number of high resolution fully edited photos delivered to you in an easy online gallery

Pricing is based on the amount of time used to photograph in a session, which determines how many images you will have to view and select from in the proof gallery. The amount of final retouched photos received in the package. You will receive final high-resolution retouched images in multiple crops and file formats for easy use.

To book a session, a 50% deposit is required. Payments can be made through Square, Paypal or check.

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