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The Poet Portrait Project: New Work by Erica J Mitchell

November 10th – December 31st, 2016
Opening reception: Thursday, November 10th, 6-8pm, artist talk 7pm
The Pigeons Studio and Gallery
7325 N Alta Ave, Portland, Oregon 97203
Business Hours: 1–7pm

Join us for the opening reception Thursday, November 10th, 6pm-8pm, with a talk by the artist starting at 7pm. Show runs through the end of December.

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Poet Portraits by Erica J. Mitchell


About the Project

As part of her BFA in photography and design, Erica J Mitchell is working on a photography project focusing on the identity and creative spaces of Poets currently (or recently) creating work in Portland, Oregon. This show features highlights from that ongoing body of work. Featured poets include: Shayla Lawson, Liz Mehl, Coleman Stevenson, Brandi Katherine Herrera, Jeff Alessandrelli, Carl Adamshick, Zachary Schomburg, Dao Strom, Megan Elizabeth Saint-Marie, Veronica Martin, A.M. O’Malley, Stephanie Adams-Santos, Grant Gerald Miller, Drew Swenhaugen, & Hajara Quinn.

Mitchell says of her work:
“Curiosity has always driven me to explore new subjects. For a new portrait project I wanted to focus on a particular subculture, and was drawn to the world of poets living in Portland, Oregon. Using my photographic study I was interested to discover the inner workings of this different creative culture, and see how these poets’ processes compare to my own. Through this project I’ve learned a lot about this different medium, and learned that across genres all artists share many more methodologies and processes than I’d previously assumed.
As an artist, I’ve found that I like to surround myself with objects or create diorama-like spaces for inspiration. I approached this project wanting to learn more about the spaces each writer was drawn to when creating, and capture how these spaces reflect each poet’s interests and motivations, thus informing their work.”

photo by Erica J Mitchell

About the Artist

Erica J Mitchell is a fine art and commercial photographer originally from the sandy beaches of Santa Cruz, California. She has lived in Portland, Oregon, since 2009. As a freelance photographer, she specializes in on-location photography for business professionals seeking marketing tools to grow their businesses and stay competitive in the marketplace. As an artist, Mitchell believes that innovation is key to success. Her fine art work focuses on the details of lived lives, in particular the ways objects hold symbolic meaning in people’s lives. Her 2014 show, The Patriarch, focused on object portraiture, while her recent portrait work merges the lives of humans and their objects. http://ww.ericajmitchell.com/

(text source: http://thepigeonsstudioandgallery.com/the-poet-project-show-november-december-showcase/)