Sky: Perspective Changing

Artist Statement
Sky: Perspective Changing is an Erica J Mitchell series where she asks the viewer to look into the sky for hidden beauty. People often look into the sky for objects, but rarely take the time to observe it for it’s pure artistic integrity. The images found here remind the viewer that the open expanse of a cityscape can itself be a canvas, where clouds paint their reflections on windows, buildings offer symmetrical breaks in the wild formations of aerial spacing, and man-made items like power lines and chemical emissions add their own evocative layers to an otherwise natural canvas. Enjoy these pictures from a wildly different perspective!

Look Up
By EA Brown
It’s easy to look down,
Natural in shape and form, following the curvature of our spine,
This is who we are, how we are designed,
We bend and bow to those above, and follow, so as not to be left behind…
It’s easy to look down,
Following the footsteps of those who have passed before,
Attempting to reach an already open door,
Wishing not pursuing but wondering still if we can offer more…
I’ll press myself above,
By keeping my focus on the things out in the sky,
The shapes, colors, and patterns that sit atop my world on high,
The dreams and scenes of in betweens that become a distant savior’s lullaby
I’ll pull your eyes above,
Share with you the things that inspire me,
To pursue the things that others think can truly never be,
To teach the world that in the expanse above is where our minds are truly free!


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January 13, 2015