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Doctor Headshot

What are Residency Headshots?

ERAS® has specific requirements for uploading an application photo. Ensure you understand these requirements in advance and let your photographer know exactly what you need. Source AAMC

The photo file cannot exceed these requirements:

  • Dimensions: 2.5 in. x 3.5 in. (5×7 ratio)
  • Resolution: 150dpi
  • File Size: 150kb

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Why Professional Headshots for Residency Students Matter

For those still in residency, headshots may be even more vital. As a medical student who’s still cultivating a reputation, you need every advantage. And an amateur snap of you outside with your dog doesn’t fit the agenda. At this stage in your career, your face is your brand.

Your website, your social media accounts, and your business cards all need to reflect the highest level of professionalism. Residency student headshots that feature natural poses and make the best use of natural light are ideal.

Doctor Headshot
Portland Residency Student Headshot Photography Ivy

What are Doctor Headshots?

Your headshot is a reflection of your professionalism, so make sure it represents you in a positive light. Amateur shots that are too dark or that look too posed give a poor first impression.
Let prospective patients and peers in the medical community know you care about the way you’re perceived by trusting Erica J. Mitchell to create portraits with professional flair. Erica J. Mitchell specializes in headshots for doctors and other business professionals.

Making the best use of natural light and natural positioning, we’ll capture a portrait you’ll be proud to use as your professional headshot online, in medical journals and directories, on business cards, and anywhere else you need to make a great first impression.

The Importance of Professional Headshots for Doctors

As a medical professional, your patients look to you for the highest level of professionalism, and this extends to all parts of your public life.

How you conduct yourself at work, how you dress, and even the way you wear your hair influences how you’re perceived.

And while this is generally true of everyone, for medical professionals it’s especially poignant. Patients need to trust you. This is why the quality of photographs used in your media kit must be flattering. Your headshot should project confidence and approachability, and it shouldn’t look as though it was taken by a family member with a disposable camera.

Erica J. Mitchell specializes in doctor headshots that speak volumes about who you are and all you’ve achieved. We’ll make sure your photo matches the way you want to be perceived — respected, professional, and fully capable of handling all aspects of patient care.

Choosing the Right Doctor or Residency Student Headshot Background

In our Natural Light Studio located in NW Portland, Oregon, we photograph with a white background for most of our headshots. Depending on the client’s needs, we can desaturate the background, add a gradient, or change the color completely.

Studio backgrounds can provide a solid-color for your professional headshots. For doctor or residency student photos the most commonly used color are shades of gray. Shades of gray are clean, classic and suitable for the medical industry and work great with your ERAS applications.

Headshots in Studio
Doctor Headshot

How to Get the Best Doctor Headshots

Portrait photography by Erica J Mitchell can elevate your brand, placing it right where you need it to be — in front of future clientele and outpacing the competition. Call today to schedule an indoor or outdoor session.

We’ll even visit you on-site where you work, so you can be surrounded by all the things that make you who you are, such as diplomas, certifications, or medical books. And our creative use of natural light ensures your headshot won’t look posed or artificial.

Trust Erica J Mitchell, Photographer, for doctor and residency headshots worthy of all you’ve achieved.

Doctor Headshot

Preparing to Take a Perfect Doctor Headshot

Before your headshot session, ensure you’re well-rested, hydrated and allow for plenty of time to get ready. You’ll also want to pick out an outfit or two. Think comfort, and think layers. There is a changing area with mirrors for your outfits. If your clothes need it, a quick ironing goes a long way for your headshot.

Consider getting a professional haircut or style and light makeup to enhance your features. If you are not used to a makeup and hair routine, consider giving yourself a few minutes to apply foundation and a quick style.

How Much Do Doctor and Residency Student Headshots Cost?

Professional Doctor and Residency Student headshot pricing starts at $325, depending on factors like location and number of photos needed.

All packages include
  Session time
  Studio rental
  Number of high resolution fully edited photos delivered to you in an easy online gallery

Pricing is based on the amount of time used to photograph in a session, which determines how many images you will have to view and select from in the proof gallery. The amount of final retouched photos received in the package. You will receive final high-resolution retouched images in multiple crops and file formats for easy use.

To book a session, a 50% deposit is required. Payments can be made through Square, Paypal or check.

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