About the Photographer

Originally from the sandy beaches of Santa Cruz, California, Erica now resides in Portland, Oregon since 2009. The eclectic community here provides unparalleled artistic inspiration, and just as importantly, a refreshing and enriching approach to living, which she does her best to exemplify in her art and way of life. As an artist, she believes that innovation is the key to success.

As a freelance photographer, she specializes in on-location photography for business professionals seeking marketing and branding tools to grow their businesses and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Erica’s photographic style uses available and natural light techniques. This style is great for environmental portraits, promotional marketing, branding, speaking/event photography and for service/product presentations.

“Recording light is my art, my science and my practice.”

If you’re looking for more information and work from Erica, please visit the Fine Art Photography at www.artintheclouds.com, the wedding photography site Love and I Do Photography and real estate photography site Real Estate of the Art.


My Sustainable Philosophy

As a Photographer, I strive to be as Sustainable as possible. I am mindful of the system in which we consume and the cycle of technical nutrients. I use an all digital workflow and recycle my equipment. I also photograph sustainable spaces, businesses, and other examples of sustainability to bring awareness to the options available to this complex economy.

For the Economy, I choose, as a consumer, to purchase sustainable items; items that are biodegradable, locally produced, and can be recycled whenever possible.

For Equity, I count myself among the growing community of people that support sustainability. I volunteer with an organizations that will allow me to document the same principles and practices that I choose to support.

For the Environment, I choose to simply consume less. I am continually aware of my imprint on this planet and its potential effect on future generations.

It is my passion and pride to grow into an even more sustainable individual on both a professional and personal level, and to use my resources as instruments to provide documentation of sustainable practices. I am thrilled to provide you with exceptional service while adhering to these core philosophies!

Erica J Mitchell