Urban Headshot

Headshots for the Team

On location office individual and team photos for Portland’s Housing Development Center, a non-profit consulting group located in Portland, Oregon.

For this on location session we used the urban environment of the client’s office space as the backdrop and used the available light coming through the buildings and street as the main source of light.

In addition to bounce and flag cards we manipulated the light with the positioning of the subjects. The closer the subject to the shadow line of the light source the greater the diffused light that impacts the skin. By placing the subject next to a building with the winter light direction we were able to achieve a reduction of light to the top of the head and add dimension to the face with shadows.

HDC is a nonprofit consulting group that works with mission-driven organizations to create and sustain affordable homes and human-service facilities.

“Affordable homes and facilities designed, developed, and sustainably resourced to meet the needs of diverse communities.”

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