The top 5 types of website images

Choosing photos for your website that will give a visual impact on the first click. We will cover the top 5 types of images most businesses use on their website.

1. Professional Headshot

The goal of a professional or personal business headshot session is to develop an image that projects confidence, intelligence, and approachability. Having a high quality photograph of you will create an immediate connection for your clients and customers.

See more examples of Professional Headshots.

2. Image banner

An image banner can set off the tone of your website because it usually is the first time the viewer will see.

When choosing an image banner consider:

  • orientation
  • size and image quality
  • focus
  • style

Orientation will be important depending on if the image was created horizontal or vertical. Tip: A horizontal image will be easier to crop into an image banner.

Size and the quality of the image will be key in getting a clear photo without being too big or too small. If the banner is too small you could see pixelation or the image won’t be big enough to expand the width needed for the banner. If the image is too big you could risk SEO ranking by slowing down your site. Tip: Find out the exact pixel dimensions before uploading your banner.

Focus is about where you want the viewer to look. I like to have a soft focus for by banner images to allow the subject matter to stand out. It also helps if I have text over the image. Tip: Know where you want to put your text and allow for out of focus subject matter to land there.

Style is all about the brand. Choosing an image that represents your business and hooks the viewer to want to see more. Tip: Use your brand colors or objects to reflect in your image banner.

3. Images of what you offer

Images of what you offer can greatly impact the view when they visit your website. It tells us what you do and what you sell. 

Whether you service people as a specialist in your field or selling a product, there is a way to photographically tell your story to grab the attention of your ideal clients.

Tip: Create custom photography of your brand to show your customers and clients who you are and what you are doing. They will resonate and become familiar with the work you do. Ultimately, we want our images to sell your work when you aren’t showcasing it in person. Photograph on location using natural light or in studio to create the desired look. 

4. Images that Tell a Story

Women with Moxie Networking in Portland Oregon
Women with Moxie Networking in Portland Oregon

Emotional impact can go a long way for your website. Stories last.

Telling a story of who you are, what you do, an achievement, a client story, an informational blog post about your work or the story of your brand will convey more of what your business is about than a body of text. 

“A brand story is a cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings that are created by your brand. Unlike traditional advertising, which is about showing and telling about your brand, a story must inspire an emotional reaction.” What’s a Brand Story by EchoStories

5. What it looks like to work with you

Showing what you do or the behind the scenes of working with you will provide insights to your potentional clients or customers.  Using images of what you do on your website generates an overall familiarity to what the customers can expect in working with you. Even if you are online only, there is a way to show your skills. Tip: Think of all the ways in which you intereact with a client and build those scenes out to be photographed. Think of it as a mini-documentary.

Interested in Working Together?

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