Accepted Photography for Photolucida’s THEN. NOW. HERE. for April 2014!

I am super stoked right now — I just found out my photography has been accepted for participation for Photolucida’s “THEN. NOW. HERE.” which is a month long slideshow held each year for Portland’s Photo Month! Yes!! This will be my third year showing.

Event Details
Join me for the Portland Photo Month slideshow opening event at the Oregon Historical Society on Wednesday, April 16th 7-9pm. It should be a great night – there will be live music and tasty food and drink! OHS will also have their Ansel Adams exhibit open for us that night, for a special viewing. Bring a friend – or a few friends!

And congratulations also to Audrey Bell, Jason DeSomer, Chris Alo, Julie Savage Lee, Brandon Sorg and Mike Moreali!!

The slideshow will also be screened in the front window of Blue Sky Gallery during the month of April.

About the Show
Love Oregon? Photolucida presents Then. Now. Here. a slideshow celebration of Oregon – its people, its landscape, its unique character and special history. Curated by Laura Moya and Laura Valenti Jelen, the slideshow includes images by contemporary photographers paired with historical images of the beautiful state we call home. The slideshow will be presented at a gala event at the Oregon Historical Society on April 16th and will run in a continuous loop in the front window of Blue Sky Gallery throughout the month of April. []

Photographs selected for show





View Point Portland: From Dusk ’til Dawn Gallery

My locally collected body of work titled, View Point Portland: From Dusk Till Dawn, features my favorite open spaces and cityscapes of Portland, Oregon taken between 2010 and 2012, and has been exhibited at two U.S. Bank locations in downtown Portland, Oregon during the months of February and July of 2013. Locations: 1040 NW Lovejoy St, Portland, OR 97209 and 1001 Northwest 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97210.

The next gallery exhibition will be shown at the Allstate Insurance Stewart Office in The Hollywood District during the month of March 2014. Location: 4421 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97213.

View Point Portland: From Dusk ‘til Dawn
Erica J Mitchell
(American, 1984)

Artist Statement

As a photojournalist, one of my favorite things to do is to document everyday images and happenings here in our home town that are beautiful or meaningful, however often overlooked on our day to day journeys.

This series began simply as my documentation of my move into downtown Portland, but has blossomed into so much more. I hope you find that these images speak loudly of arrival and exploration. They show my transition; beginning in the outskirts of the metro area, then growing increasingly warming and familiar as my adventure draws me into the heart of this incomparable city.

I want each image to evoke inspiration; a particular emotion ensuring that any individual piece has the power to stand on it’s own, but also has it’s place in this storytelling series of prints.

To inquire about print purchasing please contact or to purchase a 16 x 20″ archival print using Paypal use the buy now button below.

16 x 20″ Archival Print


Exploration, April 2012


Trajectory, July 2012


Authority, October 2011


Compulsion, March 2012


Momentum, March 2012


Representation, December 2011


Trepidation, October 2010


Abstraction, October 2011


Anticipation, October 2010


Emerge, October 2011

View Point Portland: From Dusk ’til Dawn Online Preview

EXTRA EXTRA!! New Galley Showing of View Point Portland: From Dusk ’til Dawn

My locally collected body of work titled, View Point Portland: From Dusk Till Dawn, features my favorite open spaces and cityscapes of Portland, Oregon taken between 2010 and 2012. Read more…

The next gallery exhibition will be shown at the Allstate Insurance Stewart Office in The Hollywood District during the month of March 2014. Location: 4421 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97213 (map).

To view the collection and purchase prints please visit

IMPLUSE! Exhibiton Starts Today!

I was selected to participate in the group exhibition IMPLUSE! at the Steven Goldman Gallery. Reception with all the artists is tonight from 6-8pm and the prints will be available for viewing until September 30th, 2013.


Toy Chest

May 2013 — Monterey, CA

Artist Statement

While documenting the removal and restructuring of my grandfather’s estate for artistic therapy to help cope with the loss I took the following portrait of my much younger sister. Sitting alone in a room that will never be filled with the same presence, physically or spiritually she did what I had so many times at her age years ago; explored the hidden treasures of a toy chest. It made me reflect on the circular nature of life. I was able to reconnect with myself through her actions and ponder on the sameness of it. My moment of reflection revived the moment of past, made it fresh, and made the unfamiliar refamiliar. All at once the past, present and future combined as a reminder that our connections are not with people, places or things but are instead with passions, perceptions and thoughts.

New Exhibition for September!

Extra Extra!! I’m thrilled to announce I have a new exhibition for September!

I have been selected to show a print in a group exhibition at the Art Institute of Portland’s 2nd annual juried student photography show starting September 5th, 2013 in The Steve Goldman Gallery.

The theme Impulse created a channel for me curate my photographs in a different way. The photograph chosen is of my sister exploring a suitcase filled with toys in my deceased uncles completely emptied childhood room in my Papa’s house after he passed in March of this year. This suitcase was used by my Papa in the late 60’s and had been filled with my mine and my mother’s childhood toys. My sister gave me a moment of reflection to lives before her and for that I am grateful. Please join me September 5th from 6-8pm for a First Thursday Event and view in 20 photographs the Impulse.

Two Exhibitions for August!

Extra Extra!!! The beginning of August will mark a fun month for me. Not only is it my birthday month but I will have two photography exhibitions!!
Please join me August 1st 6-7pm at the first exhibition and 7-8pm at the second exhibition! Location and Details below.


I will have a solo exhibition showcasing my newest body of work titled, SKY: PERSPECTIVE CHANGING. This show will display the first developments and inspirations of this long term project. Come visit me from 6-7pm to hear me talk about my experiences around curating Sky at the US Bank Pearl District.

In addition, as a participant of the Portland Squared Event back in May (visit my previous post about Portland Squared Event) I was selected to show one of my photographs. Come by and see the large print on display along with many other fantastic photographs, curated by ProPhoto Supply. Previous Post: Portland Squared Gallery Show at PRO PHOTO SUPPLY. 7-8pm at ProPhoto Supply.

Note: Both shows will be hosting First Thursday Events from 6-8pm.
I will be at the US Bank location from 6-7pm and ProPhoto Supply from 7-8pm.

Locations of Exhibitions:

US Bank, Pearl District
1040 NW Lovejoy St, Portland, OR

ProPhoto Supply Inc
1112 NW 19th Ave, Portland, OR